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WorkoutSenior Eels Breaststroke Group
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Course:SC Yards
Duration:120 Minutes
AuthorDonald P. Spellman
Submitted By:Donald P. Spellman
Email: SwimICE@aol.com
Club:Iowa City Eels Swim Club
Club/Author Info: ICE is a USA swimming club in Iowa City, Iowa. We have just over 100 swimmers. This is a workout written for the breaststroke group by head coach Donald Spellman that was used during the mid-season after the Holiday break. The group includes a girls high school state champ in the 100 breast (1:07+ SC yards), an ISI Long Course state champ for 13-14 yr old girls (1:23+ LC meters and 1:11+ SC yards, 2:33+ 200 yds.) and 3 other Junior Olympic 13-14 year old state qualifiers in the 100 & 200 breaststroke! Have fun and be sure to stretch your legs out before swimming this one.

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 600 Swim - every 4th 25 stroke
400 Kick - mix it up
300 IM drill
Go at a moderate pace but be sure to have good technique and good turns.
Pre-Set 10 x 50 Build Free Odd on the :50
Even on the :45
Drill Set 12 x 75 (50 drill / 25 swim)
1-4 IM order
5-8 Free
9-12 Breast
On the 1:40 - Long strokes on the Drill - Build the Swim
Main Set 4 x 200 (100 free / 100 breast)
cruise the free - fast on the breast
on 3 min (or 15 sec rest)

Kick Set Vertical Kick with weight then go to Vertical Scull
30 sec kick - 30 sec vert scull
repeat cycle 10 times

Count each time as 50 yds credit
Other 200 EZ loosen
Pull Set 6 x 50 Breast pull with 1/2 Kick
6 x 50 Breast pull with fly Kick
-optional use of fins (on second set) and small paddles-

These are on the 15 sec rest
Main Set 5 x 100 Breast with flip turns FAST On the 2 min or 1:45 (depending on the swimmer)
Other Sprints: 10 x 25 Sprint BLAST first 5 strokes - Choice (at least 4 Breaststroke) on the :40
Warm-Down 4 x 75 (25 back/50 free) EZ
Work on good rotation
on the 1:30
Total = 5850+ SC Yards

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