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Workoutthreshhold training
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Course:SC Yards
Duration:90 Minutes
AuthorLee Edder
Submitted By:Lee Edder
Email: DBswm@aol.com
Club:Daytona Beach Swimming
Club/Author Info:

I am a 16 year old who has Junior Nationals in the 200 Breaststroke. I made the cut when i was 15 going 2:08 in the 200 yard Breaststroke. Please if you try my workout e-mail me and tell me if you like it.

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 1 x 900 (200 free x 100 breast)
take your time and get nice and loose
Pre-Set 10 x 50's Breaststroke
@ :50 to 1:00
Main Set 20 x 100 Breaststroke
Evens-stretch it out
odds @ 1:20
evens @ 1:45 - 2:00
Kick Set get up against the wall where you can see the clock and start on the top (:60) and go underwater and kick 20 FAST & HARD breaststroke kicks.

Do 20 kicks every 30 to 40 sec.

Pull Set 1 x 400 strait pull Breaststroke or Freestyle No interval
Drill Set 6 x 50's working on long strokes
try to see how less of strokes you can do each 50
1:00 to 1:15
Warm-Down 1 x 300 long and smooth freestyle loosen out

Total = 5,000 SC Yards

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