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WorkoutA sunday afternoon
Ability Level:USS Sr./Jr. National Level
Course:SC Yards
Duration:120 Minutes
AuthorRick Osness
Submitted By:Rick Osness
Email: rtosness@worldnet.att.net
Club:Fairbanks Athletic Center
Club/Author Info: I began swimming when I was eleven years old in middle school. Shortly after my senor year
I enlisted in the Army. After over 10 months of Infantry based schools I finally got to Alaska.
Eight months ago I began to swim again because I would like to swim in collage in three years.
I swam this workout last sunday and it left me dead for the rest of the day. Try it and see what you think.

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up S=swim K = kick P = pull; for entire workout

S 1x300 EZ
K 2x200 first with fins
S 8x25 on 25s concentrate on long strokes
Pre-Set This can be also called a drill set, the muscles are still getting the rust out of them. S 8x50 on 50s, drill the form, High elbows, good hip rotation etc.
S 8x25 on 25s go to the middle of the pool and swim the middle leg of the fifty
concentrate on the turns.
Main Set There should be very little rest in this set, so you might have to drop
the times to ensure that a maximium of 20s rest is obtained between each distance.
S 1x400 IM on 4:45
1x300, 100IM, 100free, 100IM on 3:30
1 x 200 alternate sprinted 25's on 2:45
2 x 100, IM on 1:25
1x 200 your favorite stroke on 3:00
1x 300 IM on 3:45
1x400 choice on 5:00
Kick Set I like to use fins and the times reflect this. If your preference is different
the times might have to be adjusted.
K 8x75 on 1:15

Pull Set This is where I like to work in hypoxic breathing and drills on the pulling motion of my stroke.
The times are relaxed so that form will not be comprimised.
P 8x125, 30s rest after each one
Other I always like to do a burn-out set towards the end of my workout.
That's what this is. I was fortunatly able to make these times, but there are many times I
can't The key is to never quite just keep swimming as hard as you can until you catch up
or complete the yardage. This is all one set and there is no rest between each subset.
S 8x50 on 45
8x25 on 20
4 x 25 on 15
8 x 50 on 35
Warm-Down Everybody differs on the amount of a cool- down that they need.
This is what I did.
S 1x300 EZ drill
Stretch for fifteen minutes on the pool deck.

Total = 6700 SC Yards

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