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Workoutmy swim sets.I'm only 12 so it was hard
Ability Level:USS ABC Level
Type:Individual Medley
Course:LC Meters
Duration:120 Minutes
Submitted By:Katie Hamilton
Email: ImSwMr12@hotmail.com
Club:Pine Crest Swim Club
Club/Author Info:The on ly think I can say is we are a very good team!!

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 400 easy freestyle(stretch it out) none
Warm-up 12x50's your choice (stretch out) 1:00
Kick Set 8x100 kick evens freestyle odds choice 2:00
Main Set 5x300 freestyle 4:20
Drill Set 8x50 choice 1:10
Main Set 5x200 freestyle with paddles 2:45
Drill Set 8x50 choice 1:10
Main Set 5x200 IM 3:10
Drill Set 8x50 choice 1:10
Warm-Down 200 choice none
Total = 6,700 LC Meters

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