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WorkoutAerobic/ EN2 set
Ability Level:USS Sr./Jr. National Level
Type:Middle Distance Free
Course:SC Yards
Duration:120 Minutes
AuthorTim Eastman
Submitted By:Tim Eastman
Email: teastman@remc12.k12.mi.us
Club:Hackett Catholic Central High School
Club/Author Info:

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Swim, Kick, Pull x 300 each
15 min/Continuous
Kick Set 20x10sec EZ/20 sec Hard

Pull Set 3x200 Breathe 3, Breathe 5,
Breathe 7
EZ EN1 Set
3 min to 3:10
Drill Set 20x50
Drill any stroke or pace freestyle.
Swim at 40, 45, or 50 seconds for pace work.
We call this the 5 (or 10,15) second rule.
55 seconds
Main Set 6x300
Swim a strong effort. Hold consistent time
throughout. This is a nice test set.
Heart rate 150-170.
Other 200 EZ

Other 12x12-1/2 All out with turn or good finish.
45 seconds
Warm-Down 20x25 EZ Swim Drill or Stroke
30 seconds

Total = 5350 SC Yards

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