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WorkoutSpecific trainig for 100m
Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Type:Middle Distance Free
Course:SC Yards
Duration:90 Minutes
AuthorTrevor Rapson
Submitted By:Trevor Rapson
Email: dave@biogate.com
Club/Author Info:
Local area club in
Harare, Zimbabwe

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
400 excercises

Main Set
This is specific training for 100m
4(75m+25m+25) rest 20 sec then 15 sec. 3 mins between sets. 75 90% 25 95%, 25 100%

Kick Set
600 meters kicking. 25meters best stroke build up, 25 meters relax Individual Medley

Pull Set

Use paddals, 600 meters, 25 meters 3 rigth, 3 left, 25 meters full stroke build up, 25 meters relax.

12*50 meters relax 1:00 minute
200 meters easy relax swim

Total = 5000 SC Yards

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