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WorkoutAerobic maintenance + ATP/CP Training.
Ability Level:USS ABC Level
Course:SC Meters
Duration:60 Minutes
AuthorIan Spencer
Submitted By:Ian Spencer
Email: Spence@W.S.C.com
Club/Author Info:These sessions are designed for a group of approx 15 swimmers aged between 9 and 12.
Standards vary from county medallists to good club swimmers.

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up 400 as:
100 FC single-arm drill
100 I.M kick
100 FC c/up
100 Reverse I.M

Pull Set 3 x 200 FC
Progressive 1-3
with No.3 being swum at 85% effort


Main Set 8 x 15
Short bursts @ 100% effort
Alt: Underwater fly kick on back/Breastroke

With 35m active recovery.

Main Set 8 x 125 Alt:
50 fly/bk 75 FC
50 bk/Brst 75 FC


Warm-Down 100 Bk
as: 25 lane line pull/25 fullstroke

Total = 2500 SC Meters

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