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Ability Level:Aquatic Fitness
Type:Sprint Freestyle
Course:SC Yards
Duration:90 Minutes
AuthorKelly Anne
Submitted By:Kelly Michelle
Email: karchiba@hotmail.com
Club:Slippery Fins
Club/Author Info:This is a workout I myself have been subjected to many a time. Swimming in Highschool, I have to say there wasn't a day when our antics didn't interrupt practice at least once or twice. Well, somedays we would take it too far, and that is when the normal practice would end, and this one would begin. Don't do this unless you are in well enough shape to do it. If necessary, adjust the interval. Happy waves to you, and merry splashing.
-->Kelly Michelle

Set Category Set Description Set Intervals
Warm-up Do a 1500 freestyle warm up. Take it easy, and get yourself ready.

Do it all at once, no stopping.

Main Set 60 Fifties on the forty-five second.
Or, if you are really daring, try them on the forty.

Three minute break between every twenty.

Warm-Down Do another 1500. Take it nice and slow, and make sure you are completely cooled down before exiting the pool.

Do it all at once, hey, it's your cool down.

Other Crawl Home. Fall into bed. Thank God it's over, and pray you never have to do it again.

Total = 6000y SC Yards

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