YMCA Masters Nationals Day Two: 36 Records Washed Away

SARASOTA, Fla. THIRTY-SIX national YMCA Masters records were swept away on Day Two of the Y Masters Nationals on April 27. Women accounted for 19 of the new records while men posted 17 new marks.

Cathy Shonkwiler, ORLM, got the record-breaking going in the day's first event, clocking 2:03.36 to break her own women's 40-44 Y record of 2:04.68 set last year.

Anne Laborwitz, SUM-Y followed with a 2:19.87 in the 50-54 division, taking a third of a second from Sharon Wise's old mark of 2:20.21

Nancy Brown, AACY, broke Dot Donnelly's 14 year-old record in the 65-69 age group, her 2:45.82 being almost three seconds faster than Dot's 2:48.76

Last year, Petey Smith, SMYM-NE, set a 75-79 record of 3:12.82. One year later, she swam more than three seconds faster (3:09.81) but it wasn't fast enough as Flo Carr, SUM-Y, zipped through the eight lps in 3:05.98.

Billie Burrill, SMYM-NE, chopped more than 20 seconds off Julia Dolce's 1992 record of 4:05.65 for women 80-84, posting a 3:45.24. Undaunted, Dolce, now 91, came back to establish a new standard of 5:03.52 for women in the 90-94 age group.

Only three men set Y marks in the 200 free. Richard Landry, ANA, clocked 1:45.69, just easing under Stu Marvin's 1:45.73 swum nine years ago.

Jack Groselle, WSYC, became the first Y swimmer over 45 to crack 1:50, when he posted a 1:49.01, more than three seconds faster than Leonard Brockhan's 1:52.21 from 1997.

In the men's 65-69 division, Cav Cavanaugh, SUM-Y, led three swimmers under Birch Davidson's standard of 2:18.79 that had stood for 17 years. Cavanaugh swam a superb 2:05.65, followed by Dave Costill at 2:08.90 and Dren Geer at 2:17.89.

The 50 breast records proved the most resilient, as only four records–three women's and one men's– were broken.

Danielle Ogier, OCCP, notched a women's 45-49 standard with heer 34.84, as Nancy Gorinski, at 35.60, also dipped under the 35.79 standard set seven years ago.

Joanne Leilich, SHY, broke teammate Jayne Bruner's 37.33 record for women 60-64 with her 37.27. Bruner came right back to post a 40.23 mark in the next age group, almost three seconds faster than Lilly Kron's 1998 record.

Don McCullough, SUM-Y, was the only male record-breaker in the two lap sprint. His 1:00.84 was five seconds faster than Ray Edelhoff's two year-old standard for men 85-89. Edelhoff finished third this year.

Andrea Luallen came oh-so-close to cracking a minute for the 100 back. Still, her 1:00.13 was a record for women 35-39, and more than a second under the mark of 1:01.18 she set last year.

Nancy Brown, AACY, slipped under Doris Steadman's 1:25.61 standard for women 65-69 when she clocked a 1:25.58. Steadman's mark had lasted nine years.

Steadman, OCCY, came back to take the women's 75-79 record with her 1:31.75, 16 seconds faster than Catherine Williams swam last year. Also breaking Williams' mark was Regan Kenner, 1:43.37.

Yoshi Oyakawa, UNIV, the 1952 Olympic champion, lowered his own mark from 1:07.87 two years ago to 1:07.17.

Boyd Campbell, HFM, the oldest male record-breaker, clocked 2:56.87 to establish a new record.

No one under 50 was able to set a 50 fly mark, but the older set had a field day. Jayne Bruner, SHY, went 35.98, slashing June Krauser's 40.00 mark for women 65-69 set in 1996.

Flo Carr clocked 43.87 for women 75-79, just under Lois Nochman's 44.20 set last year.

Doris Russell keeps getting faster, lowering her record in the 80-84 division from 56.13 to 55.23.

Rudy Vazmina, Y-SJ, set a men's 50-54 mark of 25.88–28-hundredths faster than Joel Burns swam three years ago.

In the 55-59 division, Chris Ostrom lowered Orrin Nordstrom's record from 27.38 to 27.30.

Mike Freshley notched his second record of the meet, taking the 60-64 record of 28.26, set by Richard Hanley five years ago, down to 27.76.

Cav Cavanaugh blazed another men's 65-69 mark, clocking 28.33, well under Paul Hutinger's 29.80.

Finally, Don McCullough put another new 85-89 standard in the books, clocking 1:07.20 to slash more than 22 seconds off Stephen Shack's six year-old record.

Ten records–more than in any other event this day–fell in the 1000 yard free. They were:

Women 30-34, Linda Visser 11:13.00
Women 35-39, Charlotte Peterson, 10:38.6
Women 75-79, Petey Smith, 17:46.24
Women 80-84, Billie Burrill, 20:08.62

Men 19-24, Gustavo Marone, 9:49.14
Men 25-29, Adam Dawkins, 9:53.76
Men 45-49, Jack Strnad, 10:43.76
Men 55-59, Richard Smith, 11:31.61
Men 60-64, David Harrison, 11:55.04
Men 65-69, Dave Costill, 12:38.55

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