World Cup, Stockholm: Day Two Prelims Complete

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, November 12. A day after a pair of world records took a fall, the FINA World Cup returned to Stockholm for one more day of competition.

Women's 100 freestyle
Finland's Hanna-Maria Seppala topped qualifying in 53.28, while Sweden's Josefin Lillhage (53.69), Denmark's Jeanette Ottesen (54.02) and Australia's Sally Foster (54.03) made up the top four.

Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom (54.06), Petra Granlund (54.18), Russia's Anastasia Aksenova (54.39) and Sweden's Claire Hedenskog (54.42) comprised the rest of the top eight.

Men's 200 freestyle
Russia's Alexander Sukhorukov paced prelims with a 1:45.93, while Australia's Nicolas Ffrost (1:46.06), Latvia's Romans Miloslavskis (1:46.07) and Germany's Paul Biedermann (1:46.18) also wound up in center lanes.

Russia's Evgeny Lagunov (1:46.28), South Africa's Darian Townsend (1:46.58), France's Fred Bousquet (1:47.57) and Great Britain's Ryan Bennett (1:47.78) took the other transfer spots. Ous Mellouli, surprisingly, missed finals with a ninth-place 1:48.02.

Women's 50 breaststroke
Tara Kirk of the U.S. touched first in 30.93, while Finland's Katja Lehtonen wound up second in 31.14. Australia's Sarah Katsoulis (31.28) and Sally Foster (31.47) completed the top four.

Sweden's Jennie Johansson (31.69), Hanna Westrin (31.74), Joline Hostman (31.77) and Hanna Eriksson (31.78) also made finals.

Men's 100 breaststroke
Kazakhstan's Vlad Polyakov earned the top seed in 59.54, while Australia's Christian Sprenger placed second in 59.72. Newly-minted world-record holder Cameron van der Burgh of South Africa placed third in 59.74, while Ukraine's Igor Borysik took fourth in 59.93.

Japan's Ryo Tateishi (1:00.08), Kazuki Otsuka (1:00.17), Sweden's Martin Gustafsson (1:00.51) and Finland's Iisakki Ratilainen (1:00.82) grabbed the rest of the final spots.

Men's 100 butterfly
Australia's Matt Jaukovic qualified first in 51.72, while Japan's Kohei Kawamoto (51.88), Australia's Chris Wright (52.09) and Croatia's Mario Todorovic (52.20) took the top four spots.

Russia's Nikolay Skvortsov (52.21), Evgeny Korotyshkin (52.37), France's Christophe Lebon (52.42) and Japan's Masayuki Kishida (52.50) touched fifth through eighth.

Women's 100 backstroke
Russia's Anastasia Zueva snared the top seed in 1:00.00, while Australia's Sophie Edington (1:00.13), Sweden's Lovisa Ericsson (1:00.22) and Brazil's Fabiola Molina (1:00.26) touched second through fourth.

Japan's Tomoyo Fukuda (1:00.35), Denmark's Elspa Morkore (1:00.36), Croatia's Sanja Jovanovic (1:00.66) and Denmark's Pernille Larsen (1:00.88) also finished in finals.

Men's 50 backstroke
Randall Bal (24.04) and Peter Marshall (24.37) of the U.S. went 1-2 in the sprint back, while Australia's Ashley Delaney (24.84) and Robert Hurley (25.01) placed third and fourth.

Spain's Aschwin Wildeboer (25.04), France's Jeremy Stravius (25.38), Russia's Artem Dubovskoy (25.42) and Sweden's Konstantin Sundin (25.68) wrapped up the top eight.

Women's 200 butterfly
Japan's Natsuki Akiyama placed first in 2:07.49, while Kim Vandenberg of the U.S. took second in 2:08.47. Great Britain's Emma Smithurst (2:08.86) and Australia's Amy smith (2:08.98) touched third and fourth.

Sweden's Petra Granlund (2:09.33), South Africa's Mandy Loots (2:10.94), Great Britain's Lucy Worrall (2:12.59) and Sweden's Martina Granstrom (2:13.60) took the rest of the transfer spots.

Men's 200 IM
Lithuania's Vytautas Janusaitis earned the top seed in 2:01.16, while Japan's Kazuki Otsuka (2:01.57), South Africa's Darian Townsend (2:02.91) and Robert Margalis of the U.S. (2:03.29) placed second through fourth.

Denmark's Tobias Urban Hansen (2:03.30), Tunisia's Ous Mellouli (2:03.46), Brazil's Diogo Yabe (2:04.45) and Sweden's Linus Kanth (2:05.81) finished fifth through eighth.

Women's 400 freestyle
Denmark's Lotte Friis led the way with a 4:08.96, while Great Britain's Sasha Matthews (4:09.12), Chile's Kristel Kobrich (4:09.57) and Great Britain's Anne Bochmann (4:14.02) rounded out the top four.

Denmark's Trine Gudnitz (4:17.66), New Zealand's Melissa Ingram (4:17.93), Norway's Elin Slaatmo (4:18.51) and Hong Kong's Hoi Shun Au (4:18.64) each made finals as well.

Men's 50 freestyle
France's Fred Bousquet topped the splash-and-dash with a time of 21.25, while Nick Brunelli of the U.S. placed second in 21.31. Sweden's Stefan Nystrand finished third in 21.45, while South Africa's Lyndon Ferns took fourth in 21.64.

France's Alain Bernard (21.77), Russia's Evgeny Lagunov (21.81), Croatia's Duje Draganja (21.86) and Sweden's Petter Stymne (21.89) comprised the rest of the finale.

Women's 200 breaststroke
Russia's Alena Alekseeva cruised in qualifying with a time of 2:25.81, while Sweden's Joline Hostman (2:28.77), Australia's Sarah Katsoulis (2:29.39) and Sally Foster (2:29.48) placed second through fourth.

Sweden's Hanna Westrin (2:30.23), South Africa's Kathryn Meaklim (2:30.56), Lithuania's Raminta Dvariskyte (2:32.09) and Sweden's Stina Gardell (2:32.49) picked up the other finale spots.

Women's 100 IM
Finland's Hanna-Maria Seppala topped prelims with a time of 1:01.34, while Sweden's Hanna Eriksson (1:01.88), Tara Kirk of the U.S. (1:02.33) and Japan's Tomoyo Fukuda (1:02.41) made up the top four.

Sweden's Malin Svahnstrom (1:02.50), Brazil's Fabiola Molina (1:02.65), Australia's Sophie Edington (1:02.85) and Sweden's Lovisa Ericsson (1:03.08) touched fifth through eighth.

Men's 200 backstroke
Japan's Ryosuke Irie led preliminary rounds with a 1:55.96, while Spain's Aschwin Wildeboer (1:56.50), Australia's Ashley Delaney (1:57.44) and Germany's Felix Wolf (1:57.50) took second through fourth.

Australia's Robert Hurley (1:57.78), Denmark's Chris Christensen (1:58.12), Russia's Artem Dubovskoy (1:58.19) and France's Jeremy Stravius (1:58.19) completed the top eight.

Women's 50 butterfly
Sweden's Therese Alshammar paced prelims with a time of 25.98, while Australia's Marieke Guehrer (26.06), Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom (26.33) and Denmark's Jeanette Ottesen (26.41) took the center lanes.

France's Diane Bui Duyet (26.61), Sweden's Cecilia Rasmuson (26.63) and Norway's Katharina Stiberg (26.74) placed fifth through seventh, while Singapore's Li Tao and France's Melanie Henique tied for eighth with matching 26.83s to set up a swimoff.

Li wound up beating Henique, 26.42 to 26.58, for the final spot.

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