World Cup, Singapore: Day One Prelims Complete

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SINGAPORE, October 31. THE fourth stop of the FINA World Cup series came to a close in Singapore.

Men's 100 freestyle
World-record holder Stefan Nystrand of Sweden led the way with a time of 48.30, while Australia's Tom Miller (48.52) and Nicholas Ffrost (48.68) made up the top three.

Brazil's Rodrigo Castro (49.08), Australia's Ashley Delaney (49.46), New Zealand's Mark Herring (49.51) and Australia's Mitchell Patterson (49.54) touched fourth through seventh, while New Zealand's Steven Kent and John Gatfield set up a swimoff with matching eighth-place times of 50.57.

Women's 200 freestyle
Australia's Kelly Stubbins (1:59.52) and Kara Lynn Joyce of the United States (1:59.64) dipped under two minutes to pace the prelim round.

New Zealand's Melissa Ingram (2:00.70), Sweden's Stina Gardell (2:01.99), Australia's Bronte Barratt (2:02.31), Russia's Svetlana Karpeeva (2:02.37) and New Zealand's Natalie and Joyce Wiegersma (2:02.94) rounded out the top eight.

Men's 50 breaststroke
South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh threw down a swift time of 26.91 to top qualifying, while Australia's Christian Sprenger (27.97) and Germany's Marco Koch (28.12) were among the top three.

Brazil's Eduardo Fischer (28.14), Russia's Sergey Geybel (28.25), Brazil's Henrique Barbosa (28.31), South Africa's William Diering (28.50) and Singapore's Mark Tan (29.31) grabbed the rest of the transfer spots.

Women's 100 breaststroke
Back to the circuit after a brief break, Tara Kirk of the United States touched first in prelims with a time of 1:08.89. Australia's Sally Foster finished second in 1:09.12, while Sweden's Joline Hostman placed third in 1:09.23.

Australia's Sarah Katsoulis (1:10.01), Kristy Morrison (1:11.22), New Zealand's Anneke Jenkins (1:11.32), Singapore's Charmaine Tan (1:15.30) and Sze Hui Sabrina Heng (1:16.91) wrapped up the top eight.

Women's 100 butterfly
Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom picked up the top seed in the 100 fly with a 59.98, while Australia's Marieke Guehrer (1:00.36), Amy Smith (1:00.90) and Slovakia's Martina Moravcova (1:00.93) turned in second through fourth place.

Singapore's Li Tao (1:01.50), New Zealand's Charlotte Webby (1:02.58), Singapore's Ting Ting Koh (1:04.67) and Wyn Min Tiffany Koh (1:07.35) making up the other finalists.

Men's 100 backstroke
Australia's Robert Hurley, fresh off a world record in Sydney, qualified first in the 100 back with a 53.18. Randall Bal of the U.S. touched second in 53.21, while Japan's Junya Koga (53.55) and New Zealand's John Gatfield (53.59) took third and fourth.

South Africa's Garth Tune (53.89), Peter Marshall of the United States (54.31), Germany's Yannick Lebherz (54.86) and Australia's Ashley Delaney (54.96) grabbed fifth through eighth.

Women's 50 backstroke
Russia's Anastasia Zueva (28.60), Brazil's Fabiola Molina (28.62), Singapore's Jia Yi Shana Lim (28.66) and Li Tao (28.82) grabbed the center lanes for finals in the sprint back.

Sweden's Claire Hedenskog (29.52), Australia's Sophie Edington (29.58), Kelly Stubbines (29.84) and Singapore's Edith Ong (30.72) made up the rest of the finale.

Men's 200 butterfly
Australia's Chris Wright topped qualifying in 2:03.74, while Brazil's Thiago Pereira (2:04.54) and New Zealand's Steven Kent (2:04.56) finished second and third.

Australia's Sam Ashby (2:05.18), New Zealand's Brett Newall (2:05.77) and Singapore's Tze Kang Ng (2:06.54), Nicholas Sim (2:09.22) and Joseph Schooling (2:18.32) placed among the top eight.

Women's 200 IM
Russia's Svetlana Karpeeva placed first in 2:15.74, while New Zealand's Natalie Wiegersma (2:16.83), Australia's Kristy Morrison (2:20.75) and Sweden's Stina Gardell (2:20.86) placed second through fourth.

South Africa's Kathryn Meaklim (2:23.85), New Zealand's Anneke Jenkins (2:24.59) and Singapore's Ting Ting Koh (2:26.55) and Cheryl Tan (2:32.70) took fifth through eighth.

Men's 400 freestyle
Olympic gold medalist Ous Mellouli of Tunisia led the way with a time of 3:50.25, while Australia's Nicholas Ffrost (3:51.59) and New Zealand's Matt Woodrow (3:53.84) placed second and third.

Australia's Robert Hurley (3:55.87), Brazil's Rodrigo Castro (3:57.13), New Zealand's Kane Radford (4:02.87), Dylan Dunlop-Barrett (4:04.03) and Singapore's Clement Lim (4:08.93) claimed the rest of the transfer spots.

Women's 50 freestyle
Sweden's Therese Alshammar led the way in the sprint free in 24.84, while Australia's Sally Foster (25.25) and Marieke Guehrer (25.42) touched second and third.

Kara Lynn Joyce of the U.S. (25.48), Sweden's Claire Hedenskog (25.49), Russia's Anastasia Aksenova (25.52), Australia's Alice Mills (25.62) and Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom (26.03) completed the top eight.

Men's 200 breaststroke
South Africa's William Diering earned the center lane with a time of 2:12.92, while Brazil's Henrique Barbosa will join him with a 2:13.00.

Germany's Marco Koch (2:13.54), Singapore's Mark Tan (2:15.02), Australia's Christian Sprenger (2:16.14), Brazil's Eduardo Fischer (2:16.86), Russia's Sergey Geybel (2:19.06) and Singapore's Chien Yin Lionel Khoo (2:27.78) took the rest of the finale spots.

Men's 100 IM
Germany's Yannick Lebherz qualified first in the sprint medley in 56.17, while South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh (56.53) and Tunisia's Ous Mellouli (56.60) rounded out the top three.

Brazil's Thiago Pereira (56.98), Australia's Sam Ashby (57.14), Chris Wright (57.20) and New Zealand's Daniel Bell (57.37) and Brett Newall (58.58) completed the finale field.

Women's 200 backstroke
South Africa's Melissa Corfe cruised in the 200 back with a time of 2:12.90, while Russia's Anastasia Zueva (2:15.02) and Australia's Sophie Edington (2:15.18) placed second and third.

New Zealand's Melissa Ingram (2:16.96), Singapore's Jia Yi Shana Lim (2:24.59), Deborah Chua (2:25.45), Wyn Jia Chriselle Koh (2:25.47) and Adeline Winata (2:25.59) earned the other finals spots.

Men's 50 butterfly
Australia's Matt Jaukovic, who set the world record in the Sydney stop with a 22.50, led qualifying with a time of 23.27. Compatriot Mitchell Patterson finished second in 23.89, while Russia's Evgeny Korotyshkin touched third in 24.17.

South Africa's Garth Tune (24.25), Australia's Chris Wright (24.37), New Zealand's Daniel Bell (24.45), Peter Marshall of the U.S. (24.76) and Japan's Junya Koga (24.79) completed the rest of the finale field.

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