World Cup, Dubai: Day One Prelims Complete

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, October 6. THE first day of short course meters prelim competition at the Dubai stop of the FINA World Cup is complete.

Men's 100 freestyle
Jason Dunford led qualfiiers in the meet's opening event. Dunford, of Kenya, swam a 49.34 to claim the top spot. Hong Kong's David Wong Kai Wai (49.96), United Arab Emirates' Tiago Ferraro (50.82) and Velimir Stjepanovic (50.90), Hungary's Krisztian Takacs (51.04), Sweden's Gustav Lejdstroem (51.48) and UAE's Kevin Riazanov (51.92) and Stefan Sorak (52.89) rounded out the top eight.

Women's 200 freestyle
With only nine competitors in the event, Rhea Castelino of the UAE was the lone swimmer to not get a second swim for tonight's final. Her 2:20.44 was ninth among competitors, with China's Wang Shijia taking the top seed with a 2:01.21. Sze Hang Yu of Hong Kong (2:01.67), Petra Granlund of Sweden (2:02.39), Li Yue of China (2:03.85), Sweden's Celine Bertrand (2:05.45), Singapore's Jing Wen Teo (2:09.71), UAE's Gabriella Austin (2:12.35) and Singapore's Wei Lin Tan (2:15.28) will swim in tonight's final.

Men's 50 breaststroke
Germany's Marco Koch will take lane four in the final with a prelim time of 28.04. Nelson Westby of the United States will be the second qualifier with his 28.19. Rounding out the final eight will be South Africa's Giulio Zorzi (28.62), UAE's Mubarak Al Besher (28.88), Syria's Azad Al-Barazi (28.90), India's Jayaprakash Agnishwar (29.15), Singapore's Jinyang Tan (29.42) and UAE's Obaid Al Jasmi (29.65).

Women's 100 breaststroke
Yuele Wu of China took the top seed with a 1:07.60. Other competitors in tonight's final will be China's Rong Fan (1:08.06), Russia's Yulia Efimova (1:08.36), China's Xiaoyu Liu (1:08.49), Sweden's Rebecca Ejdervik (1:09.20), Germany's Caroline Ruhnau (1:11.16), Germany's Dorothea Brandt (1:11.56) and Slovakia's Tanja Smid (1:12.11).

Men's 400 individual medley
Only one swimmer competed in today's prelims of this event: Singapore's Aaron Teo, who swam a 4:47.17. The remaining eight swimmers will compete in tonight's timed final.

Men's 100 backstroke
Japan's Masafumi Yamaguchi swam the fastest prelim time with a 53.14. Brazil's Nelson Silva was second with a 55.19 and Sweden's Kristian Kron was third in 56.18. Rounding out the top eight were Russia's Evgeny Korotyshkin (56.39), UAE's M. Humaid Al Ghaferi (57.61), Oman's Aiman Al Kulaibi (59.43), Syria's Ayman Klzie (1:00.02) and Babu Pranam of India (1:02.68).

Women's 50 backstroke
Miyuki Takemura of Japan (27.58), Daryna Zevina of Ukraine (27.59) and Ranomi Kromowidjojo of the Netherlands (28.67) rounded out the top three qualfiiers in the event. Placing fourth through eighth were Fabienne Nadarajah of Austria (28.67), Simona Baumrtova of Czechoslovakia (28.72), Gabriella Austin of the UAE (31.13), Charlotte Lechner of the UAE (32.19) and Singapore's Wei Lin Tan (32.37).

Men's 200 butterfly
Dinko Jukic of Austria, competing in the meet while awaiting word on official sanction after refusing a positive drug test, popped out the only sub-two minute swim of prelims with a 1:59.99. Cruising into the second and third spots were Russia's Andrey Tambovskiy (2:01.53) and South Africa's Chad Le Clos (2:01.86). Le Clos is the reigning short course world champion in this event. Fourth through eighth place qualifiers were Rami Anis of Syria (2:01.88), Velimir Stjepanovic of the UAE (2:02.28), Alexander Kudashev of Russia (2:03.22), Kai Wai Wong of Hong Kong (2:05.54) and Ayman Klzie of Syria (2:06/65).

Women's 200 individual medley
Izumi Kato of Japan will take the top seed in tonight's finale with a time of 2:13.47. Rounding out the championship field will be Czechoslovakia's Barbora Zavadova (2:17.56), Sweden's Petra Granlund (2:19.26), Russia's Yulia Efimova (2:19.48), Slovakia's Tanja Smid (2:19.52), Germany's Caroline Ruhnau (2:21.38), Sweden's Celine Bertrand (2:25.62) and Jing Teo of Singapore (2:28.09).

Men's 400 freestyle
Samuel Pizzetti of Italy took the top seed with a time of 3:51.07, with Ukraine's Sergii Frolov (3:53.60) and Gustav Lejdstroem (3:54.33) taking second and third. Italy's Federico Colbertaldo (3:59.05) placed fourth in prelims. The UAE filled the remainder of the final spots: Velimir Stjepanovic (4:02.81), Stefan Sorak (4:05.19), Adam Ingledew (4:10.99) and Alistair Allan (4:24.02).

Women's 50 freestyle
The Netherlands will occupy the top two lanes in the final, with Marleen Veldhuis the top seed with a 24.59 and Ranomi Kromowidjojo placing second with a 24.78. China's Junyao Wang (25.13), Dorothea Brandt of Germany (25.44), Hang Sze (25.48), Louise Hansson of Sweden (25.97), Fabienne Nadarajah of Austria (26.33) and Gwen Van Beek of the UAE (26.94) will also compete in the final.

Men's 200 breaststroke
Marco Koch of Germany took his second pole position of the day with a top time of 2:2:06.62. Well back in second in prelims was Semen Makovich of Russia (2:15.55), with Azad Al-Barazi of Syria placing third in 2:18.49. Nelson Westby of the USA (2:19.78), Jayaprakash Agnishwar of India (2:20.80), Mubarak Al Besher (2:22.13), Aaron Teo (2:26.10) and Mohamed Shafee (2:31.26) completed the top eight.

Men's 100 individual medley
Yuma Kosaka and Masafumi Yamaguchi will represent Japan as the top two seeds in the event. Kosaka posted a 54.98, while Yamaguchi swam a 55.98 in prelims. Dinko Jukic swam the third-fastest time of 57.64, and South Africa's Chad Le Clos swam a 59.42 for fourth. Rounding out the final four spots in the final will be Obaid Al Jasmi of the UAE (59.69), Tiago Ferraro (1:00.63), Jayaprakash Agnishwar of India (1:00.64) and Mubarak Al Besher of the UAE (1:02.07).

Men's 50 butterfly
Andrii Govorov of Ukraine will swim in lane four in tonight's final with a top time of 23.41. Evgeny Korotyshkin of Russia took the second seed with a 24.09, and Kenya's Jason Dunford placed third with a 24.16. Rounding out the top eight will be Tiago Ferraro of the UAE (24.54), Andrey Tambovskiy of Russia (24.85), Ramadhan Vyombo of Kenya (25.30), Obaid Al Jasmi of the UAE (25.61) and M. Humaid Al Ghaferi of the UAE (25.75).

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