World Champion Lauren Boyle Reclaims Spotlight at New Zealand Short Course State Championships

WELLINGTON, New Zealand, October 2. WHILE the youngsters have been owning the bulk of the spotlight this week with age group records falling by the wayside, world short course champion Lauren Boyle reclaimed top billing with a swift 400-meter free.

Following an extended break after the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, where she had her breakout meet internationally, Boyle has had a tough schedule here in Wellington. Tonight, however, she shined in the 400-meter freestyle with a scorching 4:02.36.

Boyle is now back in full training mode, and will compete at the Singapore, Tokyo and Beijing stops of the FINA World Cup.

“We’ve done a couple of boxing classes and some spinning on the bike so it’s nice to mix it up a bit and do something that is not having your head under the water for hours on end,” said Boyle. “The World Cup meets should be fun but I am not sure how I will go as the training has been quite light and I am not really sure where I will get to in my training in the next few weeks.”

Kurt Crosland, another veteran at the meet at 29 years old, continued his strong performance with a third title. He turned in a 24.08 in the men’s 50-meter backstroke, and also took home the 100-meter IM title in 53.88.

“It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this stage. Lots of early nights and putting in the hard work in training,” Crosland said. “It’s awesome with my son who is now four. He is pretty much the reason I am swimming, to give him something to look up to when he is older. My goal next year is definitely the Commonwealth Games. I want to have a crack at the podium there. That’s the big goal.”

Laura Quilter also doubled up with titles in the 50-meter back and 100-meter fly. That’s four titles for her this week, including a trio of silvers for an impressive haul.

Paralympian Sophie Pascoe continued on her tear after claiming five gold medals at worlds in August. She downed the 50-meter back world record in 30.49 for her fourth global mark in four days.

Results, Day 4:
Chloe Francis (North Shore) 2:14.18, 1; Tash Hind (Capital) 2:14.77, 2; Kate Godfrey (Neptune) 2:15.35, 3.

IPC Multiclass (corrected): Nikita Howard (Cambridge) 3:04.57, 1; Emily Grace (St Pauls) 2:54.89, 2; Tayla Clement (North Shore) 3:10.41, 3.

Men 100m freestyle: Matt Stanley (Matamata) 48.64, 1; Steven Kent (Coast) 48.94, 2; Nielson Varoy (Roskill) 48.96, 3.

IPC Multiclass: Daniel Holt (North Shore) 56.00, 1; Daniel Gaualofa (Bay of Islands) 59.53, 2; Jesse Reynolds (Fairfield) 1:00.78, 3.

Women 100m butterfly: Laura Quilter (North Shore) 58.93, 1; Samantha Lee (Capital) 59.09, 2; Caroline Baddock (North Shore) 59.12, 3.

IPC Multiclass: Bryall McPherson (North Shore) 1:24.70, 1.

Men 50m breaststroke: Erik Kahr (United) 27.90, 1; Alex Peach (United) 28.81, 2; Ben Walsh (Porirua City) 38.90, 3.

IPC Multiclass: Christopher Arbuthnott (Ice Breaker) 37.67, 1; Hamish McLean (Wanaka) 1:01.89, 2.

Women 50m backstroke: Laura Quilter (North Shore) 27.92, 1; Gabrielle Fa’amausili (Laser Mt Eden) 27.93, 2; Caroline Baddock (North Shore) 28.22, 3.

IPC Multiclass: Sophie Pascoe (QEII) 30.49, 1 (World Record); Rebecca Dubber (North Shore) 42.26, 2; Nikita Howarth (Cambridge) 43.19, 3.

Men 50m backstroke: Kurt Crosland (Neptune) 24.08, 1; Daniel Bell (Aquabladz) 24.83, 2; Matthew Stanley (Matamata) 24.93, 3.

IPC Multiclass: Christopher Arbuthnott (Ice Breaker) 34.50, 1; Hamish McLean (Wanaka) 52.24, 2.

Women 400m freestyle: Lauren Boyle (North Shore) 4:02.36, 1; Tabitha Baumann (North Shore) 4:07.51, 2; Chloe Francis (North Shore) 4:13.35, 3.

IPC Multiclass: Rebecca Dubber (North Shore) 5:53.74, 1; Tayla Clement (North Shore) 5:34.74, 2; Olivia Hay (Whakatane) 6:21.34, 3.

Men 100m individual medley: Kurt Crosland (Neptune) 53.88, 1; Bradlee Ashby (Fairfield) 55.37, 2; Steven Kent (North Shore) 55.45, 3.

IPC Multiclass: Daniel Holt (North Shore) 1:07.65, 1; Christopher Arbuthnott (Ice Breaker) 1:13.15, 3.

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