Water Polo Senior Nationals – Day 1

2000 Men’s Senior Nationals
July 21-July 23, 2000
U.S. Water Polo National Aquatic Center
Los Alamitos, CA
July 21, 2000

Long Beach Shore…12
Big Valley……….7

Long Beach:Lynn 4, Oeding 2, Hadfield 1, Armato 1, Azevedo 2, Pope 2
Big Valley: Lund 1, Wisniewski 2, Norvall 1, Bayse 1, Nowak 1, Pendergrass
Long Beach: Nolan 2, Moses 6
Big Valley: Brown 4
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Long Beach: 6 for 8
Big Valley: 2 for 5

Robert Lynn connected on four of his five shot attempts, including a fourth quarter penalty shot, as Long Beach Shore defeated Big Valley. Hometown sensation Tony Azevedo also netted a pair, as did Jeremy Pope and Olympic team captain Chris Oeding.

Newport B….5

Concord:West 2, Stoddard 1, Johnson 2, Smith 3, Lathrop 2, Banhidy 1
Newport B:Kirchwehm 1, Powers 2, Grosso 2
Concord:Bernstein 4
Newport B:Hipp 6
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Concord: 3 for 3
Newport B: 0 for 5

Jerry Smith posted three goals, while a trio of teammates posted two each, as Concord ousted Newport, 11-5. Newport B was unable to convert on any of its five man-advantage opportunities. Jeff Powers and Tony Grosso had two goals apiece for Newport B.

Navy AC….4

Bruin: Tucay 1, Garcia 1, Wright 3, Flesher 1, Brown 2, Kern 1
Navy AC:Foster 2, Kain 1, Naftalin 1
Bruin: Brooks 5
Navy AC:Stanowski 1
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Bruin: 0 for 3
Navy AC:3 for 6

The Bruin Club outscored Navy 6-2 in the middle two quarters en route to a 9-4 win. Adam Wright picked up the hat trick for the Bruins and goalkeeper
Adam Wright notched five saves.

NYAC B………….6
San Diego Shores…4

NYAC B: O’Connell 1, Russey 2, Djordevic 1, Incecam 1, Budner 1
San Diego Shores:Vasek 2, Mendenhall 1, Munz 1
NYAC B: Adolph 6
San Diego Shores:McEvoy 8
6-on-5 Opportunities:
NYAC B: 3 for 4
San Diego Shores:2 for 8

New York Athletic Club B outscored San Diego Shores, 3-2, in the final quarter, holding on for a 6-4 win. Rich Russey scored two goals for NYAC B, while Shore’s John Vasek collected two of his own.

Long Beach Shore…..11

Trojan: O’Rourke 1, Babic 2, Csaszar 4
Long Beach Shore:Kopp 3, Oeding 1, Azevedo 3, Pendergrast 1, Pope 1,
Netherton 2
Trojan: Smith 11
Long Beach Shore:Nolan 13, Moses 2
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Trojan: 4 for 5
Long Beach Shore:5 for 9

National team goalkeeper Sean Nolan tallied 13 saves as Long Beach Shores held off Trojan, 11-7. Teammates Kyle Kopp and Tony Azevedo each netted
three goals, while Drew Netherton buried two. Trojan’s George Csaszar banged the cage for a game-high four scores.


NYAC A: Wigo 3, Rousseau 3, Burke 1, Abarca 1, Satchkov 1
Concord:Stoddard 2, Kaiser 1, Smith 2, Lathrop 2
NYAC A: Bowen 6
Concord:Bernstein 14
6-on-5 Opportunities:
NYAC A:1 for 5
Concord: 2 for 7

NYAC A was defeated by Concord, 9-7, despite getting 14 saves from goalkeeper Russell Bernstein. New York got a little help from Wolf Wigo and Alex Rousseau, who each managed to slip three goals past Bernstein. Andrew Stoddard and Joe Kaiser each had two goals for Concord.

Newport A….9

Newport A:Amr 1, Watson 2, Evans 3, Bailey 3
Bruin: Parker 1, Wright 2, Kern 3, Flesher 1
Newport A:Kerr 9
Bruin: Brooks 9
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Newport A:3 for 6
Bruin: 3 for 9

Newport A got the better of the Bruin Club in a close contest, 9-7, behind three-goal days by Ryan Bailey and Mike Evans. 1999 College Player of the
Year Sean Kern scored three goals for the Bruin Club in the loss.
Newport keeper Genie Kerr and his Bruin counterpart, Brandon Brooks, each had nine saves.

Olympic Club…11
NYAC B……….3

Olympic Club:Laster 3, Albright 1, Everist 1, Beaubien 1, Flynn 3, Sells 2
NYAC B: O’Connell 1, Incecam 1, Barnes 1, Wagenaar 1
Olympic Club: Aguilera 11
NYAC B: Adolph 9
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Olympic Club: 1 for 2
NYAC B: 0 for 4

Olympic Club’s Ryan Flynn and Jeremy Laster (3 goals each) led a balanced scoring attack in an 11-3 win over New York Athletic Club B.
National team goalkeeper Chris Aguilera totaled 11 saves in the net for the Olympic Club in the victory.

Big Valley…..6

Trojan: Healy 1, Babic 2, Praporski 2
Big Valley: Esposto 1, Lund 1, Wisniewski 1, Busheuv 1, Spencer 1, Norvall
Trojan: Smith 6
Big Valley: Brown 10
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Trojan: 0 for 2
Big Valley: 2 for 8

Big Valley used a four-goal third quarter to slip past Trojan, 6-5. Trojan, last year’s national champion was only able to find the net once in the
fourth quarter after trailing 6-4.
Six different players accounted for Big Valley’s six goals in the win. Big Valley goalkeeper Ryan Brown had 10 saves.

Newport B…6

NYAC A: Kredell 1, Arroyo 1, Cizmic 3, Pintaric 1, Gill 2, Doria 1
Newport B: Brantley 1, Dorfi 2, Grosso 1, Klatt 1, Hayes 1
NYAC A: Bowen 10
Newport B: Hipp 12
6-on-5 Opportunities:
NYAC A: 4 for 7
Newport B: 2 for 6

Newport B scored four goals in the fourth quarter but was unable to fully rebound from an early deficit and lost, 9-6, to the New York Athletic Club
Hvroje Cizmic chalked up three goals for NYAC, while Jon Dorfi netted two for Newport B. NYAC keeper Jack Bowen collected 10 saves in goal and Newport’s Dan Hipp notched 12.

Newport A…12
Navy AC……6

Newport A: Amr 4, Evans 1, Hunt 2, Horn 1, Penrod 1, Coskinas 1, Bailey 2
Navy AC: Foster 2, Beer 2, Rawn 2
Newport A: Kerr 11
Navy AC: Hill 2
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Newport A: 0 for 3
Navy AC: 2 for 3

Omar Amr anchored a balanced scoring attack for Newport A in a 12-6 win over Navy. Seven total players busted into the score column for Newport, who
is now 2-0.
Newport goalkeeper Genie Kerr had 11 saves in the win, while teammates Ofer Horn , Mark Hunt, and Ryan Bailey all chipped in on the offensive end with
two goals apiece.

Olympic Club……..19
San Diego Shores…..5

Olympic Club: Albright 1, Humbert 7, Laster 3, Moloughney 1, Ambidge 1,
Everist 2, Beaubien 1, Flynn 2, Aguilera 1
San Diego Shores: Ormsby 1, Humphreys 1, Munz 3
Olympic Club: Aguilera 11, Flynn 3
San Diego Shores: McEvoy 11, Medigavich 5
6-on-5 Opportunities:
Olympic Club: 3 for 4
San Diego Shores: 1 for 5

Apparently, the Olympic Club had some serious frustrations to vent. It went and found its victim in the form of the San Diego Shores Club, who took a
19-5 pummelling.
Team USA two-meter superstar Chris Humbert had his way in set, scoring seven goals on the day. Jeremy Laster chipped in three of his own as nine different players scored goals for the Olympic Club…even goalkeeper Chris Aguilera traded in his red cap for some field play and scored.
San Diego’s Doug Munz scored three goals in the loss.

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