Wait a Minute, Big Boy. You Aren’t That Big Yet!

NEW YORK, NY, September 12. MICHAEL Phelps may be big enough to have web postings about his life be popular on other continents, but it still isn’t enough to reach all the women he wants to meet quite yet, according to reports on WebIndia123, which were reportedly drawn from the New York Post.

US President George W Bush's daughter Jenna's phone number, it seems, is a big secret.

Swimming champion Phelps, who won six gold medals at the Olympics this year, was reportedly asking a publicist friend of Jenna for her phone number at the 'Suede' club, according to The New York Post.

But Phelps was in for a disappointment as the publicist told him that she could not give Jenna's number to him. But Phelps did not lose hope and requested Jenna's friend to take his mobile number and to tell her to call him.

Maybe it will wait till after the election?

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