Video: Jeanette Ottesen Gray in Fun “Swimming” Event to Promote European Championships

HERNING, Denmark, October 23. WORLD champion Jeanette Ottesen Gray is going to be one of the local stars of the European short course championships in Denmark this December, and she took part in an imaginative promotional video for the event.

Check out the video below, in which Ottesen Gray participates in an event where she’s racing against male and female competitors inside the Jyske Bank Boxen, the arena where the European championships is set to be held. It’s not spoiling anything to say that Ottesen wins the race and sets a world record, but we’ll keep you in suspense regarding the type of race that she wins.

For those not well-versed in Danish, our Scandanavian correspondent Rokur Jakupsstovu has provided an English translation of the voiceover commentary, which begins below the video player.


Jeanette Ottesen, European champion and a world record! She was fantastic the last 15 meters, and celebrates the victory along with the audience. Never have they cheered so much in Jyske Bank Boxen. The last 10-15 meters were absolutely incredible. She beats the world record, and she is the new European champion.

Crowd cheer: Jeanette! (Whistles) Jeanette!

Starting Blocks:

Let’s try to see what happened in this European Championships final. Highly dramatic it was. Up on the podium. Lovely pictures here of a very, very focused Jeanette Ottesen. Looking at the competition, you can see this game already in progress. And so this incredible moment when it dawns on her that there are men in the finals. No time to hesitate.


And then start here. A very, very intense first half of the race. They leap from the start. Jeanette Ottesen of course takes up the fight, and doesn’t really get that good from start, maybe a little shocked by the male competitors. Is only second, maybe third here on the way down to there turn. But here, an almost perfect turn. One can hardly believe ones eyes, so much she gets back on the last 10 meters, and throw herself in to just win the European Championship in dryland swimming.


The replay shows that Jeanette Ottesen on lane 3 does not get the best start. She is probably only third here on the way down to the turn. She is really behind. And then she performs this great turn, and her even better finish coming now. With 15 meters left she accelerated. That’s what she does. That is her strenght. In the last few meters she really throws herself, and finishes to win this European Championship. On the photo finish, we can see Jeanette Ottesen, with 10 centimeters, winning the European Championship on home soil.


Jeanette Ottesen how you rank such a title, European champion in dryland swimming? Oh but I do not know what to say. I am completely speechless. I can hardly breathe. I think it’s … it’s nothing … it’s bigger than everything else. I can … I totally … I know … I’m empty of words.


Here she is. The sovereign European champion in dryland swimming. What can it not become, when there is water in Jyske Bank Boxen.

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