Video Interview: Allison Schmitt Reflects on Disappointing Nationals

Photo by Griffin Scott

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IRVINE, California, August 9. THE 2014 Nationals have been a very disappointing meet for Allison Schmitt. The triple Olympic gold medalist from Beijing will once again fail to qualify for the summer’s big international meet after her disappointing finish in the 400 free that won’t even qualify her for the consolation final. After the race, Schmitt talked about how the meet stacked up to expectations and how she has maintained a positive attitude in the wake of disappointment.



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    You may be just probing for a story but those questions were uncalled for. If it had been any other athlete, they would have probably walked away.

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    I agree. I come to Swimming World because I expect a classier website than another option.

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      Remember. These are videos from media scrums with multiple mainstream media outlets. They are not exclusively our questions.

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    Who was the inquisitor?
    BTW, where is Tiffany E?

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      Jeff Commings

      Tiffany is not doing interviews at this meet. Just to reiterate what Jason said above, the interview was conducted by more than one media outlet. Swimming World’s David Rieder did get in a question that you can hear near the end of the interview when Allison looks at the camera. David’s question was thoughtful about the subject matter without being offensive.

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        He did have a few better questions. However, as the website that posted the video, I’m almost positive you have the capability to cut/edit the interview to remove garbage questions such as the first few.

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        We do not believe in hiding what happens in these interviews. Other sites like to cut out what actually happens and pass off interview responses as their own work as if the interviews were exclusives.

        We don’t. We prefer to let our readers consume the interviews and decide.

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    I cannot believe those questions. What an tactless way to approach the topic.

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    She handled that like a pro. Those questions were awful.

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    How can we find out who the interviewer was, and let them know how we feel about the questions being asked, and the (totally inappropriate) attitude behind them?

Author: David Rieder

David Rieder is the host of Swimming World TV and a staff writer for Swimming World. A contributor to the magazine and website since 2009, he has covered the NCAA Championships, U.S. Nationals, Olympic Trials as well as the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and the 2017 World Championships in Budapest. He is a native of Charleston, S.C., and a 2016 graduate of Duke University.

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