UStream Viewing Problems

Sometimes just rebooting your computer will fix alot of problems!

NOTE: Ustream works best on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers. Please avoid using Internet Explorer if possible. and make sure you're using the latest version of Flash: Flash Updates . Some older model computers have a difficult time handling a live video stream. Please make sure that your system is compatible and you do not have additional applications open on your computer, in the background, that may cause buffering and poor quality of your stream.

SwimmingWorld.TV will attempt to show the entire field of swimmers during the start and finish. Depending on the race, not all lanes will be shown 100% of the time.

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Q: How can I stop the commercials?
A: The commercials are out of SWTV's control since they are served by UStream. This is very frustrating because a commercial may come at an important time. Some People open up two browsers to watch an important event. If one runs a commercial, the other browser usually will not. Give that a try. You can also pay UStream to take off commercials by going to If you do pay for their service, you can only watch the stream commercial free on this site:

Q: I see a spinning white wheel inside the Ustream player
A: Try re-loading the page. If you see a spinning white wheel, please be patient and give the video more time to load. Each time you refresh the page, the video will have to load again.

Q: I can watch the broadcast, but the stream seems choppy. What can I do?
A: Make sure that you don't have any other browser tabs or windows open, and try not to have any other applications running on your computer.

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