USA Swimming Sends Letter to Coaches, Athletes Regarding Positive Tests

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 20. TODAY, USA Swimming National Team Head Coach Mark Schubert sent a letter to coaches and athletes in the U.S. to warn against potential positive tests heading into this summer's qualification period.

Swimming World has elected to help this information get to as many people as possible by reprinting Schubert's letter for our readers. Please note that Swimming World is seriously looking into the "recent serious challenges with drug testing" that Schubert refers to in his letter.

Dear Swimmers and Coaches:

It is EXTREMELY important that you pay attention to my message.

The National Team has had some recent serious challenges with drug testing. We are aware that some athletes have been taking a supplement known as Jack3d. This supplement contains an ingredient called 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine (Geranium [stem]). This ingredient will cause you to test POSITIVE in competition!

Please know that the National Team Division has been and will be target testing any athlete that we believe has a chance to represent the USA in International competition. This is done to prevent the TRAGEDY that occurred at the 2008 Olympic Trials from a positive test. You will be tested. Testing positive will most likely result in a two-year ban and a suspension from the next Olympics in London.

USA Swimming has been criticized by athletes and coaches for not providing "nutritional supplement recommendations". This is EXACTLY why we don't and won't do this.

If you take the risk, you may pay the price! I hold coaches of World Class athletes RESPONSIBLE for constant education and communication regarding this subject with their athletes.

This reflects on YOU, your athletes, your nation, and your sport.

Athletes are expected to:
1) Keep your schedule current at all times. There is no exception to this rule.
2) Update your schedule prior to travel. There is no excuse for forgetting to update.
3) Find a system to remind yourself to update. Implement that system.
4) File paperwork prior to the established deadline. You receive reminders. Heed them.
5) Check the status of all medications (OTC and Prescription) BEFORE you take them.
6) Know the rules, the 2010 prohibited list, and your resources.
7) Accept that Supplements are "Take at Your Own Risk".
8) Acknowledge that taking a supplement is a risk to reputation, health, career and team.
9) Be an educated consumer if you elect to take that risk but know that you can't eliminate it.
10) Check the ingredients on all labels ("nutrition facts" and "supplement facts") with USADA.
11) Recognize that USADA has indicated that you cannot rely on "nutrition facts" labels.
12) Remember that ingredients may be included that are not listed on the label.
13) Realize that companies may say their product is ‘verified' or ‘approved" without it being true.
14) Know key words to look for and avoid: "andro", "stimulant", "energy booster", "metabolism booster", "weight loss", "reduce water retention" and "increase testosterone".
15) Beware of these substances: 1, 3 Dimethylamylamine, Methylhexaneamine, Dimethylpentylamine, Geranamine, Geranium oil, or DMAA.

USA Swimming is the BEST swimming nation in the world. It is up to YOU to keep it the cleanest!

Mark E. Schubert
Head Coach and General Manager
USA National Swimming Team

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