US World Championships Team Named

AUSTIN, April 1. FORTY-FOUR swimmers–20 women and 24 men–were named to the US team that will compete at the World Swimming championships in Fukuoka, Japan in July.

The members of the team are listed below, along with their hometown, swim club, and the events in which they will compete:

Lindsay Benko Elkhart, IN Trojan 100, 200 free, 800FR
200 back
Maggie Bowen Jackson, MS Auburn 200 IM, 400 IM
Ashley Chandler Chandler, Az Sun Devil 400 free
Haley Cope Chico, CA Cal 50 free, 100 back
Maritza Correia San Juan, P.R. Georgia 400 FR, 400 FR
Natalie Coughlin Concord, CA Terrapins 100 fly, 100 back
Mary Descenza Aurora, IL Academy Bullets 100 fly
Julie Hardt Reno, NV Reno 800 FR
Kristy Kowal Reading, PA Athens Bulldogs 100, 200 breast
Colleen Lanne Tucson, AZ Texas 200 free, 800 FR
Diana Munz Cleve. Hts, OH Lake Erie 800 free, 800 FR
Erin Phenix Cincinnati Texas 400 FR
Megan Quann Puyallup, WA Puyallup 100, 200 breast
Jamie Reid Puyallup Puyallup 200 back
Shelly Ripple Baton Rouge, LA Stanford 200 fly, 800 FR
Kaitlin Sandeno Lake Forest, CA N. Gail Gators 400fr,200fl,400IM 800 free
Courtney Shealy Columbia, SC Athens bulldogs 400 FR
Tammie Spatz-Stone Sginaw, MI Texas Aquatics 50 free, 400 FR
Cristina Teuscher N. Rochelle, NY Badger 200 IM
Stefanie Williams Bloomsburg, PA Germantown 800 FR

Randall Bal Sacramento, CA Stanford 100 back
Greg Busse Naperville, Il Auburn 400 FR
Chad Carvin Mis. Viejo, CA Mission Viejo 400 free, 800FR
Ian Crocker Portland, ME Texas 100 fly
Nate Dusing Villa Hills, KY Texas 800 FR
Anthony Ervin Valencia, CA Phoenix 50, 100 free, 400FR
Scott Goldblatt Scotch Pl., NJ Berkeley 200 free, 800 FR
Brendan Hansen Lancaster, PA Texas 200 breast
Bryan Jones College Sta, TX Texas Aquatics 400 FR, 100 fly
Klete Keller Phoenix, AZ USC 200 free, 800 FR
Jason Lezak Irvine, CA Irvine Novas 50,100 free,400FR
Marc Lindsay Newark, DE Georgia 200 back
Tom Malchow St. Paul, MN Club Wolverine 200 fly
Robert Margalis St. Pete., FL Unattached 400, 1500free, 200IM
Ed Moses Burke, VA Curl-Burke 100, 200 breast
Aaron Peirsol Irvine, CA Irvine Novas 100, 200 back
Michael Phelps Baltimore, MD No. Baltimore AC 200 fly
Jamie Rauch Houston, TX Texas 800 FR
Anthony Robinson Houston, TX Stanford 100 breast
Jay Schryver Loveland, CO Unattached 800 FR
Scott Tucker Largo, FL Irvine Novas 400 FR
Erik Vendt N. Easton, MA USC 1500 free, 400 IM
Neil Walker Verona, WI Texas 400 FR
Tom Wilkens Middletown, NJ Santa Clara 200, 400 IM

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