US Olympic Trials – It’s Not The Suit & Photos from Sunday Morning

By Michael Collins

Body suits have been a big controversy going into this meet. I have been watching to see who is wearing them and who isn't. Here are some of my observations:

Full sleeves are not too popular.
Sleeveless with long legs seem to be popular with Freestylers and flyers.
Breaststrokers and IM'ers seem to use body suits the least.
People wearing body suits are not dominating.

Here's what some of the top athletes are wearing:

Full Legs and Sleeves:
Tate Blahnik

Sleeveless with legs:
Dara Torres, Jenny Thompson, Josh Davis, Courtney Shealy,

Sleeveless with knee length:
Misty Hyman, Amy Van Dyken, Tom Dolan, Lindsay Benko

"Bike" shorts (men only):
Lenny Krayzelburg, Neil Walker, Ed Moses, Gary Hall Jr., Tom Wilkens,

Traditional Suits:
Kristy Kowal, Maddy Crippen, Christina Teuscher, Megan Quann, Jenna Street, Amanda Beard, Staciana Stitts

For live results feeds check the OMEGA TIMING

Full results and schedule of events are available from US Swimming

Ashley Tapin of Team TYR and the US Resident Team demonstrating excellent track start form.

Courtney Shealy, of Athens Buldogs, getting focused before her swim.

Lenny Krayzelburg, center, used a traditional suit and no cap in prelims, while Tate Blahnik of Santa Clara, bottom, uses a full body suit. Trever Gray of Tacoma Swim Club, top, goes with the pants.

Lenny Krayzelburg, of Trojan Swim Club, cruised to an easy top qualifying spot in the 200 Back.

Shannon Hosak, of Hillenbrand Aquatics in Tuscon, swings here arms before the 100 Free.

Tate Blahnik in full body suit before the 200 Back

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