US Olympic Trials – Day 2 Prelim Highlights

Event 5: Women's 100 Back Prelims

Courtney Shealy, 22, of Athens Bulldogs qualified first for the semi-finals with a 1:02.13.
In second is veteran B.J. Bedford, 27, with a 1:02.19. Bedford, swimming for the National Resident Team, was third in this event at the 1996 Trials and has won seven national titles.
In third is Lea Maurer, 29, another long-time backstroke star, turning in a 1:02.58. Maurer, swimming for Badger, won bronze in this event at the 1992 Olympics.
Fourth is Beth Botsford, 19 and swimming for North Baltimore, in 1:02.93.
Botsford, the defending Olympic champion, sprained her ankle severely last week.
Fifth is Amanda Adkins in 1:03.10, sixth is Denali Knapp in 1:03.23, seventh Linda Riker in 1:03.36, eighth is Diana MacManus, 14, in 1:03.38.
Rounding out the semi-finals are: Jamie Reid (1:03.52), Brielle White (1:03.58), Lia Oberstar (1:03.63), Haley Cope (1:03.68), Jenni Anderson (1:03.93), Marisa Kozak (1:04.19), Summer Mack (1:04.25) and Taylor Spivey (1:04.36).

Event 6: Men's 200 Free Prelims
Josh Davis got the crowd excited with an American record-pace first 100 (51.45), then slowed slightly to qualify first in 1:48.30.
Qualifying behind Davis, 27, was Nate Dusing, 21, in a 1:49.01. Next was Jamie Rauch, Dusing's Texas teammate, in 1:49.46, followed by Chad Carvin in 1:49.76.
Carvin finished second in the 400 free finals last night, qualifying for the Olympic berth which he was unable to vie for in 1996 because of a serious heart ailment.
Adam Messner qualified fifth in 1:49.84. Klete Keller, the 400 free champion, was sixth in 1:49.99, Scott Goldblatt was seventh in 1:50.04 and Olympian Ugur Taner was eighth in 1:50.23.
Rounding out the semi-finals are: Jay Schryver (1:50.43), Scott Tucker (1:50.67), Clay Kirkland (1:50.85), Daniel Ketchum (1:50.92), Cameron Mull (1:51.10), Mark Warkentin (1:51.61), John Waters (1:51.61 tie) and John Munley (1:51.91).

Event 7: Women's 100 Breast Prelims
Megan Quann broke her own American record with a 1:07.12 to qualify first. Quann, 16 and swimming for Puyallup Aquatics, had set her old mark of 1:07.54 in March. Quann is still training up to 15,000 meters a day in preparation for the Olympics.
"I was very happy with my swim today," said Quann. "But I'm not satisfied. I think I can go even faster tonight. I want to break the world record. I know I can do it."
The race for the second spot on the Olympic team promises to be a tight one.
Quann was followed by Kristy Kowal of Athens Bulldogs in 1:08.21. Qualifying third was Amy Balcerzak of Northwestern in 1:08.63, followed by Stacianna Stitts in 1:08.78, Kristen Woodring in 1:09.37, Ashley Roby in 1:09.78, 1996 Olympic silver medalist Amanda Beard in 1:09.88 and Erin Sieper in 1:10.11.
Rounding out the semi-finals are Katie McClelland in 1:10.42, Jamie Skinner in 1:10.90, Ashley Daly in 1:11.43, Tara Kirk in 1:11.57, Melissa Klein in 1:11.70, Corrie Clark in 1:11.73, Maggie Konstantinoua in 1:11.80 and Caroline Bruce in 1:11.92.

Event 8: Men's 100 Back Prelims
Lenny Krayzelburg of Trojan Swim Club qualified first with a 54.33, followed by Neil Walker of Texas in a 54.95. Walker was out in a world record pace 26.02, then coasted to a finish well ahead of the rest of his heat.
Qualifying third was Bal Randall of California Capitol (55.68), fourth was Tommy Hannan (55.76).
Brad Bridgewater, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in the 200 back, qualified fifth in 56.10. Aaron Piersol was sixth in 56.15, followed by Bobby Brewer, who injured his ankle the morning of the race, in 56.27.
In eighth was Tate Blahnik (56.47).
Rounding out the semi-final are: Marc Lindsay (56.50), Brian Walters (56.53), Matt Ulrickson (56.55), Michael Gilliam (56.70), Justin Ewers (56.70 tie), Dan Westcott (56.73), Kris Souther (56.75) and Tim McCann (56.84).

Event 9: Women's 400 Free Prelims
Brooke Bennett, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in the 800 free, qualified first easily with a 4:08.87. Qualifying second was Diana Munz, the Kiphuth high point award winner at spring nationals, in a 4:11.24. Third qualifier was Lindsay Benko in 4:12.57, fourth Julia Stowers in 4:13.11, fifth Julie Varozza in 4;13.32. 15-year-old Kalyn Keller, sister of 400 free American record-setter Klete, finished sixth in 4:13.86, lopping seconds off her seed time like her brother.
Kaitlin Sandeno, the 400 IM champion last night, qualified seventh in 4:15.08, and Magda Dyszkiewicz was eighth in 4:15.17.

Event 10: Men's 400 IM Prelims
Tom Wilkens, 24 from Santa Clara, qualified first with a first 200 on world record pace. Wilkens appeared to back off the second half to win his heat easily in a 4:16.91.
Tom Dolan, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in this event, qualified second, coasting to a 4:18.89, and Erik Vendt qualified third in 4:20.46. Kevin Clements was fourth in 4:21.25, and Robert Margalis was fifth in 4:21.88. Sixth was Eric Donnelly in 4:23.77, Beau Wiebel was seventh in 4:24.09 and Greg Reeves, swimming in an early heat, qualified eighth

Body suits seem to be popular in the Mens 200 Free.

Megan Quann is happy with breaking the American Record in the 100 Breast.

100 Backstroke start.

Lenny Krayzelburg checks out the competition before jumping in to swim his 100 Back

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