US Olympic Coach: Torres Did It The Right Way

By Richard Quick

PASADENA, August 22. DARA Torres made her fourth Olympic team last week–an incredible feat in its own right, but also one made even more remarkable because she's had just 13 months of training after seven years away from the sport.

Here is a 33-year-old woman who should be considered a role model for female athletes of all ages, a testament to what dedication can accomplish.Instead, journalist Christine Brennan chose to throw unfounded
suspicion, associating her with the East Germans, the Chinese and Michelle Smith ("Suspicions Arise in the Wake of Torres' Return," USA Today, Aug.11).

All these people have had a long history of using
performance-enhancing drugs or associating with proven cheaters. What does Dara have a long history of?
Working as hard as any athlete I've ever known to achieve her goals in the right way.

Christine Brennan has never seen Dara Torres train. If she had come to Stanford for just two or three days, she would have seen first-hand that Dara does not need performance-enhancing drugs to achieve her success.

RICHARD QUICK, a five-time U.S. Olympic coach, is head coach of the 2000 U.S. Olympic swim team.

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