Update on George Haines

The following update on Coach George Haines' progress as he recovers from a stroke, was written by his daughter, Kerry Haines Derr.

"Hello well wishers,

"Dad has moved to a skilled nursing home that offers P.T. 7 days a week. He moved on Wed. afternoon. Thursday was a down day for all as Dad was lethargic at best.

"Friday proved to be a much better day.. very alert and aware of his surroundings. He got up in the wheel chair for 1.5 hours and toured his 'work out' room. He has already been given the 2 pound weight by sister, Jody to work on curls!!!

"He has spoken 'Hi' to grandson Colin (Paula's boy) and said my sister's name, 'Jan' to her on the phone. We have a pathway to build for more speech!!

"He will be in this facility for 1-2 weeks, hopefully. We need to build him to 3-4 hours of P.T. a day so that he can move to a full rehab. facility. He has a trapeze bar over his bed which he uses to pull himself up by his left arm. Very little movement at this time on the right. Appears that shoulder and hip/abs on right have some feeling. He is extremely disgusted by the whole situation, as you can imagine!! He tells me with his eyes that it is hard and boy is he unhappy with his condition. But we are a tough bunch and we will not let this get the better of him or us!!

"We thank you all for your emails, cards etc. When he is in the right spirits to hear them read to him, I will. Send only good thoughts… avoid the 'past tense' please.. we ARE moving ahead.

"Thank you for the love you send, it is appreciated by all. More later."

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