To All Our Readers: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

PHOENIX, January 1. THE staff, correspondents and contributors of, Swimming World, SWIM,, and Swimming Technique would like to wish all our readers around the world a Happy New Year!

2004 is an Olympic year, and we anticipate great things happening in our sport at every level — from the newest age-grouper struggling to complete 25 meters to the Masters swimmer stroking in blissful obscurity to the greatest Olympian striving for athletic immortality. To all of them we wish a happy, healthy, successful, drug-free year.

And let's not forget the folks behind the scenes who make it all possible — the volunteers, officials and parents — who devote themselves selflessly to our sport. To them we offer a heartfelt "thank you" and our wishes for all the best in the New Year.

More generally, our greatest wish for this new year is a world where hatred and its horrific offspring — terrorism — is banished from the face of the earth.


Phil Whitten
for all of us at swimInfo

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