Three More Masters World Marks at Arizona State Champs

By Phillip Whitten
PHOENIX, July 29. The Reign of Rons resumed in the heat-drenched Valley of the Sun today. On the third and final day of the Arizona State Masters Long Course Championships, three more world marks were wiped out. As was the case yesterday, the same two Rons – Johnson and Karnaugh – accounted for all record-breaking.

Seventy year-old Ron Johnson notched two more global standards today to go with his two yesterday. Johnson, the coach of the Sun Devils Masters first clocked 32.45 for the 50 meter butterfly to erase Frank Piemme's 1996 standard of 33.79 for men 70-74.

Johnson then lowered the third-oldest record in the books: Kelley Lemmon's untouchable 29.35 second mark for the 50 meter freestyle set in 1984. Johnsons's 29.16 second effort finally scratched that fabled mark set by the retired general, a World War II hero.

Johnson also swam a 39.21 to win the 50m back.

Dr. Ron Karnaugh, 35, managed "only" one world mark today to go with his three yesterday, but it was a humdinger (when was the last time you read that word?).

Dr. Ron clocked 4:34.10 to win the 400 meter individual medley for men 35-39. The old mark was 4:43.17 by Jerome Frentsos set last year. Karnaugh's time also easily surpasses the 30-34 mark of 4:39.92 by France's Nicolas Granger, also set last year.

Karnaugh's splits:
100 meters 1:02.8 (1:02.8 fly)
200 meters 2:14.1 (1:11.3 back)
300 meters 3:31.2 (1:17.1 breast)
400 meters 4;34.1 (1:02.9 free)

Karnaugh also recorded wins in the 100m back (1:00.27) and 100m breast (1:06.00).

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