Thorpe, Thomas Win at ACT Open Champs

By Maggie Ellis (Australian Swimming)

CANBERRA, Australia, March 5. SUPERSTARS Ian Thorpe and Petria Thomas both came away with victories to their name at the ACT Open Championships held this weekend at the AIS in Canberra.

For Thorpe it was a chance to get some races under his belt in the lead-up to this month’s Telstra Australian Championships, while for Thomas, the meet marked her return to competition after a six month break.

Thorpe opened his account on night one with a convincing win in the Men’s 200m Individual Medley, leading from the start and looking comfortable in clocking a time of 2.03.60.

Second went to fellow Olympian Justin Norris in 2.07.86, and third to Josh Taylor with a 2.08.11.

The second win of the meet for Thorpe came in the Men’s 100m Freestyle, where he swam strongly to touch in 50.08 ahead of training partner Jason Cram with 51.79, and Adam Pine with a 51.97.

To complete his weekend hit-out, Thorpe contested the Men’s 50m Freestyle on night two, and settled for third in 23.51 behind Sydney University duo David Carter, who won with a time of 23.10, and silver medalist Brett Hawke with 23.44.

“I’ve swum really well this weekend,” Thorpe said at the conclusion of the meet. “Everything’s on track and I’m happy with where I’m at heading into the Nationals.”

Thorpe added that he enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the smaller meet, and that it gave him the chance to ease into an event such as the 200m IM, which he does not usually compete in.

Asked about plans to attempt a seven-gold-medal haul at next year’s Athens Olympics, as Mark Spitz did in 1972, Thorpe said such a goal is not his focus.

“The possibility is there, but I don’t think I’ll win seven. That’s such a fantastic achievement, and I’ve said before it’s something I don’t think I’ll achieve. I’ll be trying to swim as well as I can.”

World Champion Thomas made her return to the pool a golden one in taking out the Women’s 200m Butterfly on night one, with a time of 2:16.46 ahead of Charnelle Crossingham in 2.17.90, and Linda MacKenzie in 2.18.19.

After undergoing ankle surgery and still struggling with the gynaecological condition endometriosis, Thomas was relieved with the result.

She backed up with a second place in the 100m Freestyle in 57.30 behind winner Sarah Ryan, who led from the start to touch first in 56.99.

Third place went to Kirsten Thomson in 58.16.

Other highlights of the two day meet included the work-horse efforts of Justin Norris and ACT swimmer Sarah Paton. Between them they competed in eleven events.

Paton won three bronze (200IM, 100m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle), one silver (50m Butterfly), and one gold (200m Backstroke), and was first in the ACT in the 100m Butterfly.

Stellar performances were also recorded by Mark Riley, taking the 50m-100m-200m breaststroke treble, Adam Pine the 50m-100m butterfly double, Stephanie Vance the 50m-100m butterfly double on the women’s side, and Olympic Solidarity scholarship holder Valeria Silva, representing Peru and currently training at the AIS, taking the 50m-100m breaststroke double.



1. Ian Thorpe (SLC Aquadot) 2.03.60
2. Justin Norris (AIS: Hunter) 2.07.86
3. Josh Taylor (AIS: Forresters Beach) 2.08.11

100m Backstroke
1. Andrew Richards (AIS: Smithfield) 1.00.44
2. Trent Steed (AIS: Campbelltown) 1.01.39
3. Matthew Davis (West Illawarra Aquatic) 1.02.80

100m Freestyle
1. Ian Thorpe (SLC Aquadot) 50.08
2. Jason Cram (SLC Aquadot) 51.79
3. Adam Pine (AIS: Yeronga Park) 51.97

50m Breaststroke
1. Mark Riley (AIS: Commercial) 29.12
2. Simon Cowley (SLC Aquadot) 29.65
3. Tristan Jones (Woden) 30.51

50m Backstroke
1. Matthew Davis (Wests Illawarra Aquatic) 28.93
2. Karl Kowald (SLC Aquadot) 29.02
3. Gary Odewahn (Telopea) 29.54

200m Butterfly
1. Joshua Krogh (AIS: Redcliffe Leagues) 2.00.53
2. Matthew Hall (AIS: Campbelltown) 2.03. 64
3. Justin Norris (AIS: Hunter) 2.06.76

100m Breaststroke
1. Mark Riley (AIS: Commercial) 1.03.71
2. Regan Harrison (AIS: Yeronga Park) 1.04. 59
3. Simon Cowley (SLC Aquadot) 1.04.82

200m Backstroke
1. Justin Norris (AIS: Hunter) 2.14.55
2. Luke Mills (Burley Griffin) 2.16.88
3. Joshua Sixsmith (Burley Griffin) 2.17.43

50m Freestyle
1. David Carter (Sydney University) 23.10
2. Brett Hawke (Sydney University) 23.44
3. Ian Thorpe (SLC Aquadot) 23.51

100m Butterfly
1. Adam Pine (AIS: Yeronga Park) 54.54
2. Joshua Krogh (AIS: Redcliffe Leagues) 55.86
3. Nic Williams (Telopea) 56.77)

200m Breaststroke
1. Mark Riley (AIS: Commercial) 2.17.26
2. Regan Harrison (AIS: Yeronga Park) 2.19.53
3. Simon Cowley (SLC Aquadot) 2.26.52

50m Butterfly
1. Adam Pine (AIS: Yeronga Park) 25.11
2. Nic Williams (Telopea) 25.69
3. Joshua Krogh (AIS: Redcliffe Leagues) 26.02

200m Freestyle
1. Jason Cram (SLC Aquadot) 1.51.71
2. Joshua Krogh (AIS: Redcliffe Leagues) 1.51.85
3. Matthew Hall (AIS: Campbelltown) 1.55.93


200m IM
1. Charnelle Crossingham (AIS: Hunter) 2.22.37
2. Kristy Morrison (Galston) 2.24.03
3. Sarah Paton (Telopea) 2.26.72

100m Backstroke
1. Karina Leane (AIS: Unley) 1.03.85
2. Frances Adcock (AIS: Norwood) 1.04.33
3. Sarah Paton (Telopea) 1.07.80

100m Freestyle
1. Sarah Ryan (AIS: Western Sharks) 56.99
2. Petria Thomas (AIS: Ginninderra) 57.30
3. Kirsten Thomson (Sydney University) 58.16

50m Breaststroke
1. Valeria Silva (Peru) 34.55
2. Kristy Morrison (Galston) 35.15
3. Jessica Reed (Ginninderra) 35.48

50m Backstroke
1. Erin McLeave (Albury) 31.92
2. Anneke Ray (Wests Illawarra Aquatic) 32.60
3. Kristy Morrison (Galston) 33.19

200m Butterfly
1. Petria Thomas (AIS: Ginninderra) 2.16.46
2. Charnelle Crossingham (AIS: Hunter) 2.17.90
3. 3. Linda MacKenzie (AIS: Mackay Swimming Academy) 2.18.19

100m Breaststroke
1. Valeria Silva (Peru) 1.15.82
2. Jessica Reed (Ginninderra) 1.16. 17)
3. Amy White (Bomaderry) 1.19.15

200m Backstroke
1. Sarah Paton (Telopea) 2.21.70
2. Valeria Silva (Peru) 2.27.79
3. Abby Clarke (Burley Griffin) 2.28.04

50m Freestyle
1. Erin McCleave (Albury) 27.44
2. Sarah Paton (Telopea) 27.96
3. Erin May (Albury) 28.14

100m Butterfly
1. Stephanie Vance (SLC Aquadot) 1.03.23
2. Linda MacKenzie (AIS: Mackay Swimming Academy) 1.03.24
3. Charnelle Crossingham (AIS: Hunter) 1.04.76

200m Breaststroke
1. Valeria Silva (Peru) 2.46.75
2. Amy White (Bomaderry) 2.49.55
3. Emma Fitzgibbon (Telopea) 2.52.83

50m Butterfly
1. Stephanie Vance (SLC Aquadot) 28.84
2. Sarah Paton (Telopea) 30.92
3. Jenna Priestly (Ginninderra) 31.02

200m Freestyle
1. Linda MacKenzie (AIS: Mackay Swimming Academy) 2.05.78
2. Kate Krywulucz (SLC Aquadot) 2.07.68
3. Erin McLeave (Albury) 2.09.75

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