“The Water Is My Sky” Filmmakers Looking For Additional $15,000 To Secure Composers

IOWA CITY, Iowa, May 7. NOT resting on his laurels, Brian Tremml has his sights on raising more money than his initial $50,000 goal to keep production going for his swimming documentary “The Water Is My Sky.”

Just 24 hours after reaching that goal, Tremml announced on the film’s website that he wants to raise an additional $15,000 before the May 14 deadline on his Kickstarter campaign. If donations don’t reach $65,000 by 8:21 a.m. Central time next Wednesday, Tremml and his film crew still receive whatever amount is raised.

That’s good news, as Tremml announced today that he’s secured Blair Brothers Music to provide the score for the documentary. Will and Brooke Blair have written music for three feature films, including “Blue Ruin,” which screened at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. All the money raised in the next seven days will go to the Blair brothers, Tremml said.

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As an incentive, Tremml announced that every donor will receive a digital download of the music composed for the film, but only if donations exceed $65,000 by next Wednesday. Below is a video teaser clip using images filmed for the documentary and scored by the Blair brothers. Keep your eye out for brief appearance by 2000 Olympic bronze medalist Tom Wilkens!

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Author: Jeff Commings

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