Take Advantage of the Swim Shop’s Special Promotion Featuring Products from Finis!

PHOENIX, Arizona. July 18. Need a pair of fins, a new snorkel or an underwater MP3 player? Order one or more of these products from Finis in our Swim Shop now and receive a FREE pair of Shockwave goggles with your purchase!

And these aren't just some wimpy goggles. The Finis Shockwave goggles feature a curved lens that provides an optimum goggle fit with no distortion underwater.

The smoke-colored goggles feature a High-Definition Lens that offers maximum in eye protection, filtering out 100% blue light and improving contrast and depth perception.
Here are the products featured in this special sale:

The Forearm Fulcrum paddle improves the efficiency of a swimmer's stroke by holding the wrist, elbow and shoulder at the optimal position while focusing on technique development opposed to strength building. The Forearm Fulcrum paddle is designed to complement paddles, by improving the stroke technique across swimmers of all levels, but particularly in unskilled swimmers. Click here to buy a forearm fulcrum and receive a free pair of goggles!

The new SwiMP3 v.2 underwater MP3 player is an incredible audio experience. Imagine listening to hours of your own music during your swim workout. The SwiMP3's innovative sound transfer technology offers exception underwater sound quality. Click here to buy a SwiMP3 player and receive a free pair of goggles!

The Swimmer's Snorkel/Alignment Kickboard combo helps swimmers with perfect body position and is great for swimmers of all ages. The snorkel allows swimmers to concentrate on body balance, head position and stroke technique by eliminating the breathing cycle rotation. Breathing through a snorkel while swimming increases the capacity of the lungs to expel air required for optimal intake of oxygen. The kickboard allows users to place their hands on the board without having to grab the sides, creating ideal alignment from the fingertips through the toes. Click here to buy the snorkel/kickboard combo and receive a free pair of goggles!

Zoomers are short-bladed fins specifically designed to improve swimming technique, ankle flexibility, leg strength and cardio conditioning. Available in two colors: Blue for poor ankle flexibility, Red for swimmers with good ankle flexibility. Click here to buy a pair of Zoomers and receive a free pair of goggles!

Z2 fins utilize a patented angle and quick response technology to promote a shorter, faster kick. The smaller blades make legs work harder without overloading the muscles, therefore helping you sustain better form over a longer period of time. The higher propulsion generated by the use of Z2 supports a higher body position and better body roll for a greater level of conditioning across freestyle, backstroke or butterfly. Click here to buy a pair of Z2 fins and receive a free pair of goggles!

Click here to see more new products in our Swim Shop. More products will be added in the coming weeks, so be sure to visit again!

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