SwimmingWorld.com Introduces Several New Site Upgrades

PHOENIX, Arizona, June 14. SWIMMING World is always looking at ways to enhance the user experience on our web site, SwimmingWorld.com, and today we are officially announcing a few more additions that should make using our site that much better.

We have upgraded our search capabilities. In the search box at the top right of the site where a user used to only be able to perform keyword searches of our news articles, these searches will now provide users a search summary page that includes video, articles and Swim Shop items.

This should help people find those videos and keyword search -related Swim Shop items much more simply.

Our videos now have tags built into them. Tags are simply a way to connect related videos together based on the people and topics included in each video. Now, if you are watching a video interview with someone like Roque Santos, and want to see other videos that are related to Roque – just click on his name below the video description.

While the new Disqus Commenting System has been in place for awhile, we wanted to take this opportunity to explain some of the cool features the new system provides to our users.

First and foremost, the system allows users to login with a variety of different accounts. While you can create a Disqus account to tap into some of the proprietary items offered by Disqus, you can also login with your Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo and OpenID accounts. Additionally, if you login with a Twitter or Facebook account, you can use the comment system to automatically share your comment as part of your Twitter and Facebook news feeds without having to go to either of those accounts.

Disqus also allows a user to choose how they wish to view comments. With a simple dropdown menu, you can choose to sort by newest comment first, oldest first, best rating, etc. Users can also show their appreciation for entire comment threads or individual comments by "liking" them.

Another added feature of Disqus is the ability to reply directly to a particular comment. This allows for a much more streamlined way of following various conversations that breakout in any particular message thread.

Also, the Disqus comment system will always continue to grow and expand as Disqus continues to upgrade its service for all of its clients such as Swimming World.

Along with the new Disqus comment system being implemented, we've updated our Terms of Use calling for comments on our site to remain intelligent and articulate, while staying away from profanity, foul language and/or personal attacks.

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