Swimmer Wins Hawaiian Gubernatorial Primary

By Phillip Whitten

MAUI, Hawaii, September 23. LINDA Lingle, a stalwart member of the Hawaii Masters Swim Club and the mayor of Maui, is being given an excellent chance of becoming Hawaii's first female governor after she won the Republican nomination in Saturday's primary election.

If she wins in November, she will also become the 50th state's first Republican governor in 40 years.

Lingle easily won the GOP primary against former state legislator John Carroll, amassing a whopping 89 percent of the vote.

Four years ago, Lingle narrowly lost the state's top office to incumbent Democrat Ben Cayetano.

Lingle will face Lt. Gov. Mazie Horono who won the Democratic primary by less than 3,000 votes over state Rep. Ed Case.

Lingle, who has won a great deal of crossover support from Democrats and Independents during her years as mayor of Maui due to her anti-corruption, clean government reputation, was instrumental in the construction of four new 50-meter pools on Maui in the last sseverasl years.

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