Surfers Discover How To Catch More Waves Using The Secret Weapon Of Olympic Swimmers

ESSEX JUNCTION, VT – Maintaining the muscle to paddle a surfboard once was a difficult task for surfers. Repeated long paddling out to wave sets typically fatigues all surfers. According to legendary surfer Sam George, weak paddling muscles really limit a surfer’s performance and enjoyment since early fatigue means catching fewer waves.

All that has changed since surfers discovered the Vasa Trainer, a swim-specific machine used by most of the top swimmers, triathletes and coaches in the world. The machine conditions exactly the right muscles for stronger, better swimming…and surfing. Using the surfing-friendly training regimen with the Vasa improves functional surfing fitness. “When paddling, surfers use a lot of the same muscles as swimmers,” says Tim Brown, D.C. of Newport Spine and Sport, a chiropractor, longtime surfer and trainer of pro surfers .

The Vasa Trainer affords the surfer the ability to build strength and endurance for paddling in one complete exercise motion. Lying on a padded bench and rolling seat, the surfer paddles along the variable incline monorail by pulling on webbing straps attached to the front of the machine. This motion precisely simulates paddling a surfboard. This unique feature allows the surfer to visualize the correct stroke mechanics while building a powerful stroke.

Surfers have discovered that using the Vasa Trainer helps them to get in top shape to catch more waves. They use the Vasa Trainer to simulate paddling the surfboard and to strengthen the legs and torso for better balance and power. This is especially useful to surfers who cannot surf regularly.

Total body conditioning on the Vasa is simple and effective. There are over 50 exercises for strength, endurance, power, flexibility and rehabilitation. Since you pull your body weight up an variable inclined monorail, Vasa is safe, non-jarring, and fun to use. Many strength and conditioning coaches use the Vasa to prepare their athletes for competition, including Vern Gambetta, former conditioning coach of the Chicago White Sox.

The Vasa Trainer was introduced to swimmers and triathletes in 1988. Today, the top swim coaches in the world train their swimmers on the Vasa Trainer. Over 75% of the 1996 US Olympic Swim team trained daily on Vasa Trainers. IronMan Triathlon legend, Dave Scott, used the Vasa during much of his career and now coaches athletes with the machine. “The Vasa Trainer provides me with exactly the right swim-specific strength and endurance that I need. Since swimming is often the weak link of triathletes, I think the Vasa Trainer is absolutely essential for all triathletes and competitive swimmers alike.”

The machines were designed and developed by sports physiologist, Rob Sleamaker, M.S. Mr. Sleamaker is well known as a coach of many top athletes and as author of the popular book, SERIOUS Training For Endurance Athletes.

Vasa Trainers are sold factory direct from Vermont. For more information or to request a brochure and video, contact Vasa at 1.800.488.VASA, Int’l tel: 802.872.7101, Fax: 802.872.7104. E-Mail:; Web site:, or write to: Vasa, Inc., 1 Allen Martin Drive #5, Essex Junction, Vermont 05452 USA

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