Spice Up The Lunge With Some External Rotation!

SANTA CLARA, California, January 10. MANY swimmers lack rotation and extension, mainly due to overactivity of their shoulder internal rotators combined with the amount of sitting performed by the average person. This dynamic lunge with rotation exercise, introduced by COR founder G. John Mullen, looks to increase thoracic rotation and extension while providing a dynamic movement to combat shoulder internal rotation.

Directions: In the lunge position, have your back leg’s arm rotate up and back (approximately 135 degrees). While doing this have your head follow your hands and maintain your feet facing forward. You are likely to feel a “stretch” in the front of your hips and chest.

It’s best to do this exercise for 10 to 15 repetitions as a warmup before swimming or dryland, to open up your muscles and give you more extension as you exercise!

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