Sexual Abuse Claims Rock Mission Viejo Nadadores; Daniel Ad’m Dusenbury Accused of Relationship With Minor Swimmer; Mission Viejo Releases Statement

Updated March 26 with statement from Mission Viejo

MISSION VIEJO, California, March 25. NEWS broke this week that former Mission Viejo Nadadores assistant coach Daniel Ad'm Dusenbury “may face a lifetime ban from swimming following allegations that he had sex with an underage female Nadadores swimmer” according to the Orange County Register.

The OC Register states that USA Swimming is currently investigating when the Nadadores found out about the alleged misconduct. In a lengthy article, the OC Register details an alleged four year relationship with an underage swimmer that began when Dusenbury was 28 and the swimmer was 16. A former girlfriend of Dusenbury came forward with a journal allegedly created by Dusenbury and the swimmer to chronicle their relationship.

The article further states that the Mission Viejo Nadadores are currently in the midst of a rift based on the handling of the investigation into allegations.

“I believe (Dusenbury) did (have an improper relationship) and I didn't agree with the fact that he was still on (the pool) deck,” former Nadadores chairman Rick Brotherton told the OC Register. “I thought by my staying there I was making a statement that I felt everything was fine and I didn't believe everything was fine. So we left. I didn't want people thinking 'The Brothertons are still here. It must not be as bad as they're saying it is.' ”

The article further details that head coach Bill Rose supported allowing Dusenbury due process regarding the allegations, instead of immediately taking action for such allegations being lodged against Dusenbury.

“What relationship?” Rose told The Register. “They're just allegations. We followed the proper procedures.”

Dusenbury, who reportedly left the Nadadores in October in the wake of these allegations, has since been employed by the Voices for Children of San Antonio. Dusenbury elected not to comment when approached by The Register.

“I did know the very basics,” Voices president Kathleen Fletcher said in an email to The Register. “I do understand that, like any organization that works with or serves children, USA Swimming has to investigate any allegation. I also know that allegations may or may not be true. We followed up on references both here and in California — all excellent. To avoid any risk, the CEO of the major organization of which we are a partner agency did some additional contacting of people and of course we did a background check — no problems other than apparently an angry and vengeful ex-girlfriend…Ad'm has done an excellent job for us.”

USA Swimming has also elected not to comment on the matter.

Dusenbury reportedly originally left the club in August, but returned after part of the club membership “confronted board members,” with Rose's support.

“We decided 'Hey, wait a second,' ” Rose told The Register. “We don't want to accept his resignation. Let him have his day in court.”

Full text of OC Register article, including full details on allegations.

Mission Viejo has since released the following official response:

Since 1968, the Mission Viejo Nadadores has proudly served the community through its competitive swimming program. The Nadadore Foundation, its team members, coaches, and staff, are disappointed the Orange County Register would publish a stale story with so many inaccuracies and unsubstantiated rumors.

The Mission Viejo Nadadores takes allegations of improper behavior or misconduct very seriously. The Mission Viejo Nadadores Foundation board of directors acted swiftly to inform Orange County law enforcement authorities and USA Swimming as soon as it learned of the allegations mentioned in the story.

USA Swimming, the national governing body for the sport of swimming, is currently conducting an investigation into allegations of an inappropriate relationship between former Mission Viejo Nadadores swim coach Ad'm Dusenbury and a 16-year old female swimmer that was purported to have taken place in 2006. The alleged victim, who is now an adult, has denied the allegations are true.

The Nadadore team is currently thriving with its membership at one of the highest points in its forty-five year history. This year the team has the largest contingent of Olympic trial qualifiers in its storied history. The MVN Board, coaches, staff, and team members are proud to be a part of this outstanding organization.

A timeline follows:
On August 8, 2011, the president of the Mission Viejo Nadadores board of directors was asked to meet with a woman who claimed to be Mr. Dusenbury's ex-girlfriend. She gave the president a CD containing photocopied pages of a day planner that she asserted contained handwritten entries by Mr. Dusenbury and a 16-year old female swim team member back in 2006. On August 9, 2011, the board convened an emergency conference call and voted to suspend Mr. Dusenbury with pay pending further investigation. The board also voted to immediately report the allegations to the Orange County Sheriff's office. The Sheriff's office was contacted that same day. The Sheriff's office completed its investigation on August 16, 2011 and informed the board that there was insufficient evidence to warrant pressing charges against Mr. Dusenbury.

In accordance with the USA Swimming Athlete Protection Act, the matter was turned over to the national organization, USA Swimming. Despite a lack of evidence to support criminal charges, Mr. Dusenbury was placed on strict supervised probation while this matter was investigated by USA Swimming. At no time was Mr. Dusenbury allowed to coach unsupervised or provide unsupervised private lessons while on probation as the article incorrectly states.

On October 22, 2011, Mr. Dusenbury resigned his position with the Nadadores and has not been a member of the coaching staff or associated with the team in any manner.

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