San Jose State Spartans Smash UC Davis

Davis, California, October 27. THE San Jose State Spartans excelled in their second dual meet of the season against UC Davis on Saturday, beating the Aggies 208 to 92 and making it the fifth time that the Spartans have won when competing against UC Davis.

“We are very happy about the performance we had today,” said head coach Sage Hopkins about the win. “The divers and swimmers stepped up their game and we couldn't be more pleased.”

Out of the 16 events, the Spartans won 14 and set two pool records at the Schaal Aquatics Center. The 200 Yard Medley Relay team of Michaela McLean, Darcie Anderson, Ashlyn Acosta, and Marisa DeWames set a record in the first event with a time of 1:43.62. Later in the day, Marisa DeWames set a record in the 100 free with a time of 50.62, surpassing the previous pool record of 51.37 and improving her best time of the season from 51.60 to 50.62.

“I am very happy with the way Marisa and the rest of the girls swam,” Hopkins said. “I am also happy with the records we set. We were strong from start to finish and it really paid off.”

Along with the swimmers, the diving duo of Jessica Holden and Amy Kilby contributed 26 points to San Jose's win. Holden won the 1-meter and finished second in the 3-meter competition. Kilby took the 3-meter competition and came in second in the 1-meter.

The Spartans (1-1) prepare for their first home meet of the season against the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs on November 3. The meet will start at 12:00 p.m., at the Spartan Aquatics Center.

San Jose State 208, UC Davis 92.

Final Results:

Women 200 Yard Medley Relay – 1. San Jose State 'A' (Michaela McLean, Darcie Anderson, Ashlyn Acosta, Marisa DeWames ), 1:43.62; 3. San Jose State 'B' (Haley Smith, Amanda Buxbaum, Julia Craddock, Kiley Foster ), 1:46.00.

Women 1000 Yard Freestyle – 1. Marissa Brown, UC Davis, 10:17.08; 2. Amy Friedhoff, SJSU, 10:24.15; 3. Michelle Berry, SJSU, 10:25.47; 7. Caitlin Lipton, SJSU, 10:47.97; —Brooke Hammond, SJSU, x10:52.40.

Women 200 Yard Freestyle – 1. Marisa DeWames, SJSU, 1:51.38; 5. Taylor Stoddard, SJSU, 1:55.35; 6. Danielle Smyth, SJSU, 1:56.20;

Women 100 Yard Backstroke – 1. Michaela McLean, SJSU, 57.09; 3. Haley Smith, SJSU, 58.15; 5. Brynne Beneke, SJSU, 59.76.

Women 100 Yard Breaststroke – 1. Darcie Anderson, SJSU, 1:03.73; 3. Amanda Buxbaum, SJSU, 1:05.96; 4. Natasha Moffitt, SJSU, 1:06.29; — Shannon Slaught, SJSU, x1:12.11;

Women 200 Yard Butterfly – 1. Ashlyn Acosta, SJSU, 2:03.41; 2. Andrea Chan, SJSU, 2:03.43; 3. Julia Craddock, SJSU, 2:03.61; — Kayla Nakamoto, SJSU, x2:05.31

Women 50 Yard Freestyle – 1. Kiley Foster, SJSU, 23.78; 2. Erika Harvey, SJSU, 23.82; 3. Elana Faria, SJSU, 24.06; — Marisa DeWames, SJSU, x24.07.

Women 100 Yard Freestyle – 1. Marisa DeWames, SJSU, 50.62; 2. Kiley Foster, SJSU, 51.59; 4. Erika Harvey, SJSU, 52.75; — Elana Faria, SJSU, x52.87.

Women 200 Yard Backstroke – 1. Haley Smith, SJSU, 2:06.28; 3. Brynne Beneke, SJSU, 2:09.41; 5. Riley Spitser, SJSU, 2:10.24.

Women 200 Yard Breaststroke – 1. Darcie Anderson, SJSU, 2:17.69; 3. Amanda Buxbaum, SJSU, 2:24.42; 4. Natasha Moffitt, SJSU, 2:26.71; — Shannon Slaught, SJSU, x2:35.77;

Women 500 Yard Freestyle – 1. Samantha Shellem, UC Davis, 5:00.29; 3. Amy Friedhoff, SJSU, 5:04.46; 4. Julia Craddock, SJSU, 5:06.64; 5. Michelle Berry, SJSU, 5:07.58; —Caitlin Lipton, SJSU, x5:15.74.

Women 100 Yard Butterfly – 1. Ashlyn Acosta, SJSU, 56.59; 2. Andrea Chan, SJSU, 56.74; 3. Michaela McLean, SJSU, 57.08; —Kayla Nakamoto, SJSU, x57.64;

Women 200 Yard IM – 1. Andrea Chan, SJSU, 2:06.28; 2. Julia Craddock, SJSU, 2:07.13; 3. Darcie Anderson, SJSU, 2:08.55; — Michelle Berry, SJSU, x2:12.05;

Women 400 Yard Freestyle Relay – 1. San Jose State-CA 'A' (Kiley Foster, Erika Harvey, Amber Nelson, Elana Faria ), 3:28.70; 3. San Jose State-CA 'B' (Ashlyn Acosta, Brynne Beneke, Michaela McLean, Danielle Smyth ), 3:30.25; — San Jose State-CA 'C' (Allison Davis, Haley Smith, Amy Friedhoff, Taylor Stoddard ), x3:34.34

Women 1 mtr Diving – 1. Jessica Holden, SJSU, 279.65; 2. Amy Kilby, SJSU, 267.90.

Women 3 mtr Diving – 1. Amy Kilby, SJSU, 300.98; 2. Jessica Holden, SJSU, 263.93.

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