Ryan Lochte Visits David Letterman, Says E! Show is About Swimming Awareness

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 23. RYAN Lochte made a guest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman last night. Even though Lochte was there to promote his new E! reality show, the talk was heavy on the swimming, lighter on the What Would Ryan Lochte Do? (WWRLD)

Letterman spent the first few minutes listing Lochte's Olympic accomplishments, peppering the list with clarification questions that undoubtedly left swimmers everywhere slapping their foreheads and saying “…well, DUH!!”

While going over Lochte's accomplishments, Letterman mentioned his Olympic gold medal in the 400 Individual Medley. Letterman quickly followed it with: “What does that (individual medley) mean?” Swimming jargon for the win! And Letterman brought up a pretty good question: Why swim the 200 individual medley when you already know you can do a 400? Food for thought!

We also got some insight into Lochte's relationship with the water. It was beautiful when Lochte said that swimming “…puts me in a different place. I could be having a bad day, and then when I get in, I'm home…I'm at peace.”

When the talk turned to WWRLD, Lochte said that the reasoning behind the show was to bring swimming awareness to people's living rooms.. wishful thinking or a realistic goal? Most likely the latter, considering it's nearly impossible to talk about Lochte without mentioning the sport.

The premiere episode of WWRLD had under a million viewers and received a Neilsen Rating of .7 (.7% of households in the US either watched the show live or on DVR the same day). The biggest demographic tuning in was females aged 18-34.

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