Ryan Lochte Set to Compete at U.S. Masters Nationals

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Ryan Lochte has been suspended from competition by USA Swimming and the U.S. Olympic Committee since September, but he will compete for the first time in 2017 at the end of the month at U.S. Masters Nationals in Riverside, Calif.

Lochte is entered in the 100 breast, 200 IM, 100 IM, 50 back, 100 back and 200 free. He is the top seed in five of those events in the men’s 30-34 age group (except the 100 breast, where he is third), and he is representing Golden Road Aquatics. The meet is being held in short course yards and runs from April 27-30.

After winning a gold medal on the 800 free relay in Rio and finishing fifth in the 200 IM final, Lochte found himself in trouble when he was involved in an incident outside a gas station. He later admitted to lying about his role in the incident. Since then, he has appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” signed with TYR and gotten engaged.

Also entered to compete is three-time U.S. Olympian Nathan Adrian, who will swim the 100 fly, 100 IM, 50 free and 50 back. Foreign Olympians Mike Alexandrov and Simon Burnett are also entered.

Four of Swimming World’s 2016 World Masters Swimmers of the Year are scheduled to be in Riverside, including Rick ColellaMike FreshleyDiann Uustal and Laura Val.

Entry lists for every event can be accessed here.



    • Ryan Rager

      USMS have sold their souls. Being there for photos is one thing. Allowed to Compete in the meet, that is just shameful. I hope the PR of this stunt totally backfires on USMS and their lack of integrity.

      • avatar
        Leslie Livingston

        What BS. I would bet most masters swimmers don’t feel this way. I don’t.

    • Tom Pollock

      Did either of you read what actually happened in Brazil? This entire thing was blown way out of proportion in the first place. His suspension was far reaching and don’t forget the golden boy phelps had image issues as well. These guys are not the type of swimmers we are. They are pro athletes with millions of dollars and temptations beyond your wildest dreams.

    • Charlotte Petersen

      Tom Pollock I was in Rio. It was safe and an amazing experience. As a swimmer and an American, he was an embarrassment.

    • Ryan Rager

      So what does a millionaire professional swimmer with abilities far beyond ours want to do in this particular meet? Some kind of big glorious ego stroke?

      • avatar

        Thank you!

    • Tom Pollock

      Americans embarrass me daily. That doesn’t mean he deserved his livelihood taken away for getting a gun pulled on him and extorted over a sign being pulled down.

      • avatar

        The point is Mr. Pollock, he didn’t get a gun pulled on him and he wasn’t extorted for any money. He lied about the whole thing. Where have you been, dude?

    • Tom Pollock

      Post times to track training progress.

    • Colleen Hazlett

      Phelps did his time under his suspension. Phelps did not travel to a foreign country, destroy private property, lie about it and accuse the country of mugging him and drag two newbies down with him. I was in Rio when Lochte claimed he was mugged and it was an embarrassment to the people of Rio-on the biggest world stage there is-even I felt the feeling of disappointment they had, then, when it turned out Lochte was not mugged but rather damaged private property and lied about it I was the one embarrassed and the people of Rio had every right to be mad and want answers. It was Lochte who blew up this event, not Rio. This ordeal was 100% Lochte’s doing!

    • Colleen Hazlett

      Why is having to pay for damage to private property that Lochte caused extortion? Lochte is lucky he wasn’t thrown into a Rio jail that night but instead of accepting responsibility for his actions he blames the people of Rio (just as you are) and lies about being robbed at gun point. Neither the gas station attendant or the security guard broke any laws, nor would they have if Lochte had behaved they he did back in the US, so why is Rio the bad guy is this ordeal?

    • Tom Pollock

      $10,000 cash at gunpoint is extortion for a small sign. In the US the person who pulled the gun would have went to jail.

    • Tom Pollock

      You really think the other two were just innocent bystander!?

    • Colleen Hazlett

      No but if they hadn’t been with Lochte would they have been at that party?

    • Colleen Hazlett

      WHAT? Where did you get that Lochte paid $10,000 cash at gun point? Lochte and the other two had $10,000 cash on them? OMG!

    • Gayle Johnson

      I heard they peed all over the walls also

    • Tom Pollock

      Over $20,000 changed hands over peeing on a wall and a small sign being ripped down. They wouldn’t release Bentz until another $10k was “donated” to an unknown source.

  1. Simon Edwards

    He will be one quick Masters swimmer

  2. Jason Cronk

    Glad he’s swimming. The reason for his suspension is a joke compared to what Phelps did. Phelps was forgiven. Can’t we move on with Lochte as well?

  3. Jacki Johnston-Croy

    YES!!!!! Nice to have him back!!!!!! Welcome to Riverside Ryan we can’t wait to have you!!

  4. Tom Pollock

    John I kinda want to go and race him now.

    • LeeAnne Quattropani

      Ugh. I’m surprised. Hope everything is bolted down in the men’s locker room.

  5. Lelah Olender

    Natalie Um, you should swim at Nationals. You get like 3 free events. It’s like an hour from you this spring.

  6. Diana Correa

    Wow,way to screw over the real Masters swimmers who work full time and bust their a—- training when they can. Is that fair? I think not?

    • Tom Pollock

      Yeah it’s fair. Pool is the same length for everyone.

    • Joe Dauginas

      As a current master’s swimmer and team representitive I believe in the USMS mindset, “we welcome ALL swimmers of ALL abilities with open arms”. And I for one giggle like a little kid when I see a current or former Olympian wanting to swim in the same pool, competing in the same event, and sometimes even swimming in the same heat as me. Congratulations and welcome to Ryan Lochte for swimming with the big kids.

  7. avatar
    Michael Maloney

    HE is a COWARD..knew he was in TROUBLE and LEFT his FRIENDS in RIO to face the MUSIC…ran home to safety…USA USA…he deserves everything he gets and more

  8. Traci Eshelman Ramey

    Scott Ross you and Dave should put a relay together and take him down. ?

  9. Aoife Ní

    John Ferris Jennifer McCarthy!!!

  10. David Moreno

    I wonder if he still hates bathrooms? ?

  11. David Cliff

    Thank God he’s not in my age group!

    • avatar
      David Rieder

      David — I’m glad, too!

  12. John Henry

    Rafter Alimagno pang masters n lng to haha suspendido e

    • Rafter Alimagno

      Lalaro pa ba yan sa 2020? Hahaha siraulo kase e. ?

    • John Henry

      Ewan ko lang. Kamote na mkukuha nya dun. Dami na bago mllkas. Baka si chad le clos lalaro pa. Gsto nya mkuha ult ung 200fly hahaha

  13. Abby Witt

    Chrissy Carlson Stolle we should have gone!

  14. Bianca Bernardo

    Kimberly Hawking I need way more time than this. Ugh

  15. Nancy Pulham

    The article says he’s seeded first in every event but psyche sheet says no…?

  16. Chris J Ferguson

    There is some competition for you in the pool 30-34 age group now Ed Rafipay! ??

  17. Martin Klein

    I hope this will be a nice boost for the Mastersswimming overall.

  18. Tom Pollock

    By the way this is the bath room that was “vandalized “. It’s a horrible gas station bathroom. And what man hasn’t peed on the side of a building or outside?

  19. avatar

    Why not comment on Gabrielle Chang (Rose), and how incredible she is at 39?

    Side note: Masters swimming isn’t for people who solely swim.. it’s for those who have other priorities but still love the benefits of the sport.

  20. Bill Bolen

    Not fair….he is too good.

    • Jenny Hong

      Omg Michael H. Kim…..

  21. avatar

    “Lochte is entered in the 100 breast, 200 IM, 100 IM, 50 back, 100 back and 200 free. He is the top seed in all of those events in the men’s 30-34 age group and is representing Golden Road Aquatics. ”

    According to the Psych sheets, he is seeded third in the 100 breast (but is the top seed in all others).

    • avatar
      David Rieder

      Whoops. Good point. I’ll fix that. Thanks!

  22. avatar
    Mary Dore

    I look forward to seeing Them swim. It’s great they’re swimming

  23. avatar

    Good for him. Time to bury the hatchet, people. Phelps was forgiven, he should be as well.
    Thanks to investigative reporting by USA Today, it’s evident that most of what Lochte said about that night in Rio squares up with the truth, and he’s guilty of about 20% of what Rio police accused him of. Sadly, his reputation is forever damaged, because just as they say, a lie will get halfway across the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on.

    • avatar
      Mary Dore

      Agreed- who cares if he swims and how does it really affect us at spring nationals? I am excited to see some olympians swim. Obviously he made some mistakes and hopefully learned from them. Nobody is infallible- we are all people who screw up. That’s life’s “rearing of its ugly head and providing us with a wake up call to learn to forgive and move on.”. How many of us have made mistakes? Probably all. But it’s really “hateful and ugly” to make statements that’s he is an embarrassment etc. I’m sure he suffered his own guilt about the entire ordeal. Enough is enough. I’m delighted and happy to be gracious enough to compete at the meet at age 53 and to be able to watch some awesome swimmers like Lochty and Adrienne swim. Let’s all be excellent to each other as we are as Masters swimmers and leave the hatred and judging behind. “Take what you like and leave the rest”. Mary Dore

Author: David Rieder

David Rieder is a staff writer for Swimming World. He has contributed to the magazine and website since 2009, and he has covered the NCAA Championships, U.S. Nationals, Olympic Trials as well as the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and the 2017 World Championships in Budapest. He is a native of Charleston, S.C., and a 2016 graduate of Duke University.

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