Russians, Chinese Take Synchro Diving Events in Barcelona

BARCELONA, July 13. RUSSIAN diving legend Dmitry Sautin added to his medal collection at the World Championships on Sunday by winning the men's 3-meter synchronized diving event with Alexander Dobroskok.

Sautin, who collected his 11th gold medal from the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups, earned a total of 369.18 points with his partner.

It was more than enough to defeat China's Wang Tianling and Wang Feng (343.29). The German duo of Andreas Wels and Tobias Schellenberg was third (334.44).

The US pair of brothers Troy and Justin Dumais finished fifth after qualifying in the third spot.

China's women maintained their dominance as Lao Lishi and Li Ting scored 344.58 points in the 10-meter synchro event to defeat Australia's Loudy Tourky and Lynda Dackiw (323.34).Russians Evgenya Olshevskaya and Svetlana Timoshinina took third place with 300.12.

The US pair of Olympic gold medalist Laura Wilkinson and Brittany Viola tied for fourth with Spain's
Dolores Saez De Ibarra and Leire Santos.


Men's 3-meter synchronized diving
1. Alexander Dobroskok/Dmitry Sautin (RUS) 369.18 pts
2. Tianling Wang/Feng Wang (CHN) 343.29
3. Andreas Wels/Tobias Schellenberg (GER) 334.44
4. Joel Rodriguez/Fernando Platas (MEX) 328.26
5. Justin Dumasi/Troy Dumais (USA) 327.99
6. Erick Fornaris/Jorge Betancourt (CUB) 322.59
7. Robert Newbery/Steven Barnett (AUS) 317.85
8. Antonio Ally/Mark Shipman (GBR) 301.29

Women's 10-meter synchronized diving
1. Lao Lishi/Li Ting (CHN) 344.58
2. Loudy Tourky/Lynda Dackiw (AUS) 323.34
3. Evgen Olshevskaya/Svetl Timoshinina(RUS) 300.12
4. Laura Wilkinson/Brittany Viola (USA) 281.04
4. Dolores Saez De Ibarra/Leire Santos(ESP) 281.04
6. Paola Espinosa/Laura Sanchez (MEX) 277.38
7. Olga Leonova/Olena Zhupina (UKR) 269.31
8. Jon Hyon-Ju/Kim Kyong-Ju (KOR) 263.76

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