Records Tumble at New England Masters Champs

By Bob Seltzer

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. April 30. ALMOST 600 swimmers ranging in age from 19 to 84 participted in the 2001
New England Short Course Yards Championship held this year at Harvard University's Blodgett Pool from Friday April 27th through Sunday April 29th.

Great Bay Masters (GBM) won the 2001 NEM Workout Group competition outpointing more than 60 NEM-recognized workout groups throughout New England. Six United States Masters (USMS) national relay records and
some 64 New England records were broken during the weekend.


Last week, we predicted that this year's NEM Workout Group competition would be a close contest throughout the three day event. We were not far off as both GBM and Minuteman (MMAN) fielded much stronger teams than last year.

GBM, which finished second last year increased its point total by more than 50% to win the title wit h 3,290.50 points to overtake last year's champion
Cambridge (CMSC) by 255 points. MMAN again finished third but, with more than a 60% increase in points, was right behind CMSC throughout the weekend. For the first time, MMAN won the men team point competition
finishing ahead of CMSC.

East Providence improved on last year's 7th place finish jumping ahead of Longfellow for fourth place. New top ten finishers include: Western New England Golden Bears (6), North Suburban Y (7), South Country Y (9) and Concord Y (10).


1) Great Bay 3,290.50
2) Cambridge 3,035
3) Minuteman 2,658.50
4) East Providence 681.50
5) Longfellow 673
6) WNEC Golden Bears 503
7) North Suburban YMCA 371.50
8) Twin Oaks 355
9) South Country YMCA 331
10) Concord YMCA 277


NEM demonstrated that it is not only the largest USMS recognized swim club in the U.S. but that it is also first in meet participation. The 2001 NE SCY
Championship was the second largest regional masters swim competition in the U.S. With a little more than 1,300 members, NEM members accounted for 530 of the 591 meet participants. This is a 40% championship meet participation rate. More remarkable is that through a scheduling snafu, this year's meet conflicted with Y Nationals. Without the Y National scheduling conflict the NEM participation rate would have been much closer to 50%.

How does this compare to other parts of the country? The largest USMS meet, the Pacific Masters SCY Championship, with 800 swimmers, draws from an
LMSC with 9,000 members. That's right: fewer than 10% of PMS swimmers participate in their championship meet. We observed a similarly low participation rate at the Colonies Zone meet from large LMSC/Clubs in the area.

In fact, we estimate that more than 50% of NEM members participate in either the two championship meets, the One Hours Swim or in our mini-meets. Meet participation is key to our growth. NEM has recorded member retention rates of 85% or higher the past two years compared to the USMS average around 65%. We know by experience that the organized NEM workout groups have 90% retention rates. In fact our experience has taught us that high participation rates correlate with high retention rates. Why?


As vividly demonstrated this weekend, Masters swimming is a team sport. Virtually every heat of every event had people at both ends of the pool cheering for teammates. The meet had a buzz around deck that produced a playoff atmosphere.

The excitement ran to fever pitch during the relays and since NEM fielded some 250 relays, we were running a fever throughout the three days. Relays not only add extra excitement but also bring together swimmers from
different lanes of the same group all striving together to score points for the team. As GBM proved, the key to success is not fielding a team of potential national champions but in getting the maximum participation from everyone in the group–that is the epitome of NEM success. The NEM Workout Group competition ensures that virtually every swimmers will score points for the team given the ten-deep scoring by age group.

Based on our current growth we expect that the NE SCY Championship will become the largest regional masters meet in the country in two years.


Cambridge failed to defend its 2000 title but the
"home team" demonstrated that it has lots of very fast swimmers who train with the group at Harvard's
Blodgett Pool. CMSC broke six UMS National Relay Records, 14 individual New England Records and 15 New England Relay records.

In a particularly remarkable display of depth in the 400 Free Relay, CMSC assembled 12 swimmers who broke three USMS National Relay records in a span of less then 10 minutes. In fact, one heat two CMSC relay teams (Men 19+ and Men 35+) battled side-by-side to beat each other and the USMS National Relay records. Congratulations to the following swimmers:

800 Free Relay

NEM-CMSC "A" Men 19+ 7:08.39
J. Brown, 26 K. Stapleton, 38 G. Wriede, 23 B. Fehlau, 26

400 Free Relay

NEM-CMSC "C" Women 19+ 3:39.51
K. Andersson, 29 S. Morawski, 31 R. Kusznir, 33 E. Wang, 22

NEM-CMSC "A" Men 19+ 3:11.47
B. Lo-Pinto, 25 G. Wriede, 23 J. Brown, 26 B. Fehlau, 26

NEM-CMSC "B" Men 35+ 3:13.47
K. Stapleton, 38 B. Tyler, 38 D. Bosley, 38 S. Cromarty, 36

400 Medley Relay
NEM-CMSC "A" Men 19+ 3:33.73
G. Wriede, 23 B. Fehlau, 26 J. Brown, 26 K. Stapleton, 38

NEM-CMSC "B" Mixed 19+ 3:48.55
B. Lo-Pinto, 25 S. Morawski, 31 S. Cromarty, 36 E. Wang, 22


This year's competition was especially deep in talent and 38 individual new standards were established.

Andrea Packard of Andover led the record sweep
breaking seven New England records in the 25-29 age group. Andrea was unshaved and not fully rested for this meet since she is planning to compete in Santa Clara in three weeks. Andrea's time for the 200 breastroke was three seconds off the national mark and she would appear to have a good chance to breaking the national record later this month. We wish her the
best of luck at Nationals this May.

On the men's side, Greg Wriede of CMSC broke six New England records in the 19-24 age group. Congratulations to the following New England record holders:

400 IM
25-29 F Andrea Packard Andover 4:46.02
40-44 M Dave Cote South Country Y 4:35.36

50 Back
19-24 F Jen Moony East Providence 28.25
19-24 M Greg Wriede CMSC 24.92
25-29 M Ben Lo-Pinto CMSC 24.84
65-69 M D. Barr Clayson Healthpoint 34.05

100 Breast
25-29 M Andrea Packard Andover 1:06.79
45-49 M Joan Reilly CMSC 1:22.20
25-29 M Brian Fehlau CMSC 59.52

200 Fly
19-24 F Amanda Leach NorthHampton JFK 2:32.45
40-44 F Karen Gleason CMSC 2:38.46
45-49 F Nancy Johnston NEM-Unattached 2:54.38
60-64 F Susan Livingston JCC of the NS 3:18.33

200 IM
19-24 F Emily Wang CMSC 2:13.49
25-29 F Andrea Packard Andover 2:14.74
45-49 F Wiki Royden North Suburban Y 2:35.58
19-24 M Greg Wriede CMSC 1:58.40

100 Free
35-39 M Stuart Cromarty CMSC 47.79

200 Back
19-24 F Jen Moony East Providence 2:08.57
25-29 F Kari Andersson CMSC 2:09.19
45-49 F Karla Nisley-Black Nashua Penquins 2:42.67
18-24 N Greg Wriede CMSC 1:56.63

50 Breast
25-29 F Andrea Packard Andover 30.77
45-49 F Jacki Hirsty East Providence 36.94

500 Free
25-29 F Andrea Packard Andover 5:22.56
45-49 F Jacki Hirsty East Providence 5:30.55
45-49 M Jerry DeMuro Hockomock Y 5:00.49

50 Fly
19-24 F Jen Moony East Providence 27.52
19-24 M Greg Wriede CMSC 24.23
30-34 M Jim Harvey Maine Masters 23.43

200 Breast
25-29 F Andrea Packard Andover 2:23.10
35-39 M Brian Casey East Providence 2:17.67

100 Back
19-24 F Jen Moony East Providence 59.82

200 Free
45-49 F Jacki Hirsty East Providence 2:03.01

100 IM
25-29 F Andrea Packard Andover 1:02.88
19-24 M Greg Wriede CMSC 53.18
25-29 M Brian Fehlau CMSC 54.07

100 Fly
19-24 F Jen Moony East Providence 1:01.32
19-24 M Greg Wriede CMSC 52.51
30-34 M Jim Harvey Maine Masters 51.73


In addition to the six new USMS National Relay Records, NEM Workout Groups also broken 18 New England Relay Records. Congratulations to the following
New England Relay Record holders:

800 Free Relay

NEM-CMSC "C" Women 25+ 8:37.16
R. Kusznir, 33 L. Marshall,28 S. Morawski, 31 M. Hackmer, 25

NEM-GBM "D" Women 35+ 10:33.76
N. Virnelli, 38 L. Valios, 38 T. Moyer, 39 G. Pentley, 38

NEM-GBM "A" Women 45+ 12:57.96
A. Seidel, 59 S. Barbary, 51 M. Hult, 55 A. Fredette, 56

NEM-MMAN "C" Men 25+ 7:38.15
M. Nuffort, 25 R. Hudek, 38 S. Upson, 30 K. Fletcher, 26

200 Medley Relay

NEM-CMSC "B" Men 25+ 1:37.30
B. Lo-Pinto, 25 B. Fehlau, 26 J. Brown, 26 M. Goldman, 29

NEM-CMSC "C" Men 35+ 1:44.17
S. Cromarty, 26 S.Vankuilenberg B. Tyler, 38 D. Bosley, 38

Maine Masters "B" Men 55+ 2:06.39
B. Ruport, 57 P. Frederick, 60 D. Vail, 57 F. Pierce, 57

NEM-CMSC "D" Mixed 19+ 1:46.41
G. Wriede, 23 E. Boehm, 27 R. Berry, 32 E. Wang, 22

400 Free Relay

NEM-MMAN "H" Mixed 19+ 3:34.35
S. Levan, 23 K. Steenbergen,25 B.Greineder, 38 K. Fletcher, 26

NEM-GBM "E" Mixed 35+ 3:48.91
S.Barry, 38 T. Mack, 42 E. Gendreau, 38 C. Hallett, 41

200 Free Relay

NEM-CMSC "C" Women 25+ 1:42.56
L. Allen, 25 S. Morawski, 31 R. Kusznir, 33 S. Kuong, 34

NEM-CMSC "B" Men 25+ 1:27.65
B. Fehlau, 26 G. Wriede, 23 J. Brown, 26 H. Baker, 33

NEM-CMSC "A" Men 35+ 1:27.92
B. Tyler, 38 D. Bosley, 38 S. Cromarty, 36 K. Stapleton, 38

NEM-MMAN "G" Mixed 25+ 1:37.71
S. Upson, 30 I. Braun, 29 B. Greineder, 28 K. Fletcher, 38

400 Medley Relay
NEM-WNEC "A" Men 65+ 6:59.93
B. Kurtz, 65 N. March, 75 D. Kavanagh, 67 E. Sorel, 65

NEM-CMSC "F" Mixed 25+ 4:18.93
R. Berry, 32 S. Morawski, 31 M. Goldman, 29 G. Todd, 33

NEM-EPM "A" Mixed 25+ 4:25.56
K. Farrington, 42 C. Pettibone, 39 B. Casey, 37 J. Hirsty, 48

NEM-CMSC "C" Mixed 45+ 5:00.08
C. Sasser, 54 J. Reilly, 46 R. Seltzer, 50 T. Duncan, 45


The women individual high point award was won by Connie Sasser, 54, of NEM-Cambridge Masters with 101 points and men individual high point award was won by William Jones, 64 of Maine Masters. Both swimmers will be moving up an age group next year and should be well-positioned to defend their titles.


The complete results are available under "Results."

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