Randy Reese Heads Combined Texas Aquatics and Circle C

By Phillip Whitten

AUSTIN, August 20. SEPARATELY, Circle C and Texas Aquatics were two of the nation's very best swim clubs. Combined, they may be an unstoppable juggernaut.

Randy Reese, head coach of Circle C Swimming, has been named head coach for Texas Aquatics, beginning next week. The club will incorporate Circle C and be based at the University of Texas in Austin. Reese's brother, Eddie, is head men's coach at UT and also head US men's Olympic coach for 2004. Look out swimming world: the Reeses are no longer in pieces!

Over his 25-year career Randy Reese has coached several of the nation's top age group, high school, and Division 1 collegiate swim teams. His swimmers have achieved a high level of success from the youngest age group swimmers to Olympic champions.

Reese has coached more than 60 Olympic swimmers who have earned 18 gold medals, eight silver medals and nine bronze medals. His USA swim teams have placed in the top five more than 60 times and have won 21 national team titles.

"I'm committed to making Texas Aquatics a more competitive and nationally recognized swimming program," said Reese. "Our goal is to set the standard for competition, not only throughout the state, but for the entire country."

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