Poll of the Week: Strip East German Awards? Results)

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 10. THIS is the Poll of the Week for Monday, December 9, 2013, brought to you by StrechCordz swim training products.

This month in Swimming World Magazine and on swimmingworld.com, we announced that we are removing the names of the East German swimmers we previously honored as world and European female swimmers of the year in the 1970s and 1980s. This was a process that was years in the making, expedited by the International Olympic Committee’s decision to strip Lance Armstrong of his Olympic cycling medal outside of their statute of limitations for changing Olympic results.

In removing the names of the East Germans from our awards list, we’re calling for the IOC to do the same and strip the East German women of all the medals they won in the Olympic Games. In the meantime, we wanted to know if you agree with our decision to strip the East Germans of our swimmers of the year honors. It appears that our readers stand by our decision, with 77.68 percent voting that yes, they agree with our decision. 22.32 percent of our readers do not agree.

This week’s question is in regards to the format of the USA Swimming winter nationals. For the past two years, this met has been using the NCAA championship program in a three-day meet, which has been beneficial for the college teams in attendance. Do you think the winter nationals event lineup should mirror the NCAA championships? Just go to our home page swimmingworld.com and vote.

And come back for next week’s show, when we’ll bring you the results. That’ll do it for the Poll of the Week. I’m Tiffany Elias. Thanks for watching.

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