Poll of the Week: Should Lance Armstrong Be Allowed in Masters Swim Meets?

PHOENIX, Arizona, April 5. WE had our last poll on our website for two weeks, and it couldn't have been a more timely question to ask swimming fans. We wanted to know if you thought the Division I NCAA swimming and diving championships should be a combined men's and women's meet. One week into the poll, USA Swimming national team head coach Frank Busch made his opinion known, saying he would like it to be a combined meet, and to have it in Indianapolis every year. And while the topic is still a point of contention among college coaches, it appears to have divided our readers as well. Only 51.98 percent of voters said they would like a combined meet, while 48.02 percent want them to remain separate. This issue has been discussed back and forth for many years, and will likely continue to cause a great divide.

Surely you've become aware of the big news of the week concerning Lance Armstrong and his desire to compete in a Masters swim meet. After registering for a meet in Austin, U.S. Masters Swimming informed Armstrong that he was banned from all future Masters swimming competitions, pursuant to the World Anti-Doping Code that aims to uphold Armstrong's ban from competitive sports. He had been initially permitted to compete because Masters swimming does not conduct drug tests, so the organization did not necessarily have to abide by WADA's code. So, what do you think? Should Armstrong be forbidden from competing in Masters swimming competitions, or should he be allowed to swim? Go to our Poll of the Week on the right side of our home page at swimmingworld.com and place your vote. We'll bring you the results next Friday.

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