Poll of the Week: A Current in the World Championships Pool? (Results)

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 23. IN the days following the world swimming championships in Barcelona, there was much talk about the possibility of a water current existing in the pool in the Palau Sant Jordi, which would have affected outcome of many races, including the 50s. Our friends at the Counsilman Center at Indiana University crunched the numbers and concluded that an anomaly was present. We wanted to know if you agreed with those findings, and the results in our last poll were as close as we’ve ever seen them. By a margin of just 2.08 percent, the majority of voters believed that a current did not exist in the pool, with 51.04 percent of the vote, while 48.96 percent said a current did exist.

The big story this week has been Ruta Meilutyte’s participation in the world junior championships, which will take place August 26 through 31 in Dubai. We’ve heard various arguments on the subject, with many saying that Meilutyte should be able to swim because she is of age to participate, while others believe her status as the world record holder puts her in a different league from the rest of the women racing in the meet. What do you think? Do you think it’s OK for Meilutyte to swim in the meet, or should she have stayed away? Go to our home page at swimmingworld.com and pace your vote on the right side of the page. We’ll bring you the results on next Friday’s show.

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