Parcells Sounds Off on New Triple Crossing

ENGLISH CHANNEL, Atlantic Ocean, September 7. JUST days after Marcy MacDonald was pulled out of the water with an injury, over two-thirds of the way toward her quest to “Triple Cross” the Channel this summer, it seems a good time to check-up on the plans of the swimmer who had initially planned to “Triple” with Marcy.

Dave Parcells had intended to swim with Marcy in their planned August 22-28 window, but weather prevented a start in that time. Parcells had to return to Connecticut when the schedule failed to cooperate, while Marcy obviously had more flexibility in that regard and made her admirable attempt just a few days ago.

Parcells, however, has not given up on doing his “Triple” in their joint effort to raise funds to fight cancer. We have found Dave’s diary, kept for the Swim Across The Sound organization through whom Dave and Marcy’s efforts have been coordinated. In his entry, written before Marcy just missed her triple goal, he describes his disappointment in having to leave Europe, but his determination to still make a “Triple Crossing” in 2004, albeit in different waters.

After Dave’s diary entry we’ll one more time run the first description we had for what these wonderful and inspired people are up to.


Thursday, September 2nd
Well, Sept has arrived and Marcy has yet to swim. The decision by me to come home was the correct one for me as I had important commitments here in Ct that I could not ignore. The most important of which is Jenna & Matt.

So here is my plan for swimming and have finally sorted it all out!
I did a lot of research the past week and have had to make some tough decisions about going back at the end of September. Although, they do have Indian summers over in England in Sept, there has not really been a successful channel crossing in late Sept in quite a few years.

The season begins to change to fall and the winds are likely to be blowing as the cooler temps of the air come in. So I came to the conclusion that there was a 50/50 chance that I could go back over to Dover and not be able to swim during that week. Then to find a 36-48 hr window is even less likely so the chance of success on a 3 way swim is even less than 50/50. Quite frankly, those odds are just not good enough to incur the time and expense of going back to England later this month. I really need to have a realistic chance!

I know you are all wondering when I will go back to the Channel! Is it next year? Unfortunately, I have spent the better part of 2 yrs planning and training for this adventure and I really do not want to roll this into a 3rd year. It takes up too much time, effort and money and I need to put some closure to this. I am ready to swim and move on to something else so I can spend additional time with Jenna and Matt and my life here in Ct. So I have given up my dream to swim the Channel 3 ways!

It is a very difficult decision but I have come to accept that it just wasn’t meant for me. However, I am not giving up on my commitment to the Swim Across the Sound organization, my generous sponsors and supporters and all the families and kids suffering from cancer that benefit from the proceeds that both Marcy and I are raising. We are getting close to the $200k, having already exceeded $180k.

Here is how I will live up to my commitment! I plan a swimming a Triple Crossing of Long Island Sound on Sept 18/19th. I will start in Port Jefferson, swim to Black Rock Harbor, back to Port Jefferson and return to Captains Cove Marina in Black Rock harbor. It is a challenging swim of some 45 miles and it has never been done before. So I will do my triple cross, it’s just that it will be on this side of the Atlantic.

I plan to begin the swim approx 10 am on Saturday, the 18th and if all goes well, I should finish some 23-27 hrs later on Sunday. If everything goes perfectly, I will swim into the Cove during the conclusion of the Sikorsky Walk for women’s cancer at the Cove which also benefits the Swim Across the Sound charity.

The Sound is not the Channel, but it will be challenging and it is a great alternative of not being able to swim over in England. More importantly, I feel good about being able to continue my efforts to help raise funds for needy cancer patients and their families. Besides, I get to do this swim with all of my friends and family nearby and allow them a chance to see me finish right in our own backyard.

Marcy will get her triple done and I will get my triple completed. It won’t be on the same day or in the same body of water, but both swims will benefit the same people suffering from cancer. This way, everyone wins!
Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement! I will post more on this site as the event draws closer!



The goal of their Triple Crossing is to raise funds for Swim Across the Sounds Cancer programs for families and kids with suffering from cancer. They have set a goal of $200,000 with anonymous donor pledging $100,000 who has in turn challenged Dave and Marcy to match that pledge.

So they need your support in order to reach this goal. Please consider a generous donation so they can help others suffering from cancer.
Please contact Scott Lautman to see how you can help.

Scott Lautman
Manager, Employee Relations – SEAHR
206-392-5723 Desk
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