Paralympic Athlete Diary – Part 4

I'm still tired, but I'm no longer hungry. Our swim
schedule yesterday allowed me to eat 3 meals! We had
our flag raising (very uplifting 😉 )Malaysia had
really beautiful uniforms. The US looks gaudy next to
them. After the flag raising, I rushed off for a back
massage. From there I rushed off to a Team Captain
meeting to elect the flag bearer for the opening
ceremonies. It took a while, but we finally picked
someone. The flag bearer is a very decorated
Paralympian and has been to 6 Paralympics.

Some people have wondered about the direction the
water swirls in the toilet bowl. I haven't been able
to determine that yet. The toilets have two options:
full flush or half flush. Either choice results in a
torrent of water that doesn't swirl, it just gushes
As to the night sky, the lights in the Village are
a bit bright, so I really haven't seen many stars.
I'll have to wait for the Outback for stargazing.
Today I treated myself to a "Foot Fantasy" treatment at a day spa in the Village. The Aussies
have really gone out of their way to take care of us.
Too bad there's not enough time to take advantage of
all the services.
We've got workout at the Ryde Aquatic Center tonight (where water polo was contested). Then we're
off to a reception for the US delegation. I hope
there's going to be food.
Tomorrow we've got a very early workout and then
we're off to a harbor cruise. We'll have the afternoon
and evening downtown. Finally a chance to see Sydney.
In the Village, there's no way of telling where in the
world it's located. We could be in Timbuktu.

I ran into Claudia Hengst from Germany. She is the next oldest S10 woman (31). I like Claudia. She and I had a good talk. I'm glad she's here.

My husband Ron has updated the web page, so please
check it out:

Off to take a nap!


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