Paralympic Athlete Diary – Part 2

Hello from a very tired and hungry swimmer!

All in all, I feel pretty good. I'm finally starting
to feel better in the water. Afterall, I'm getting
plenty of opportunities to swim – twice a day. I feel
beat up. I'm sure the travel is catching up with me.
Additionally, we have very little time. It's always
rush here, rush there. I'm only getting 2 meals a day,
so I feel a bit hungry. I try to keep snacks around,
but I don't like to swim with a lot in my stomach. I'm
glad that I've got more than a week to go before I
We and the Israelis have been assigned security. Two
guys with little ear buds follow us around wherever we
go. It feels a little funny, but better safe than
I learned a new word today – "teeming". It was
teeming last night. It was like all 40 days and night
of Noah's was packed into a single night. Of course,
being trailer trash only made the situation worse –
metal roof. It was cold too! Thankfully we've got a
space heater in the room.
I've got a very nice roomie. Her name is Jennifer.
She is visually impaired. She is the only other
married female swimmer on the team. They tried to pair
up roomies by age. We roomed together at a training
camp, so we know that things will be just cool.

Special thanks to all who send me notes. It is so nice
to hear from you. I'd like to respond, but time is
always short on the computer. Four folks are waiting
right now. I will try to send short notes when I'm

Right now, I'm off to get my competition suits. We get
the leftovers from the Olympics. There are only a few
suits in each size, in each style. I don't know
whether I'll be able to secure a FastSkin. Cross your

For now…

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