Our Annual Morning Swim Show Holiday Greetings Episode!

PHOENIX, Arizona, December 24. WE bring you our annual holiday greeting show on SwimmingWorld.TV, featuring some of the top swimming personalities as they extend their best wishes for a great 2014.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s show! Here’s a list of those who appear in the episode:

Chloe Sutton
Joe Schooling
Nick Thoman
Danny Tucker
Meghan Hawthorne
Brent MacDonald
Laura Sogar
Kierra Smith
Katherine Cook
Natalie Coughlin
Sally Foster
Gregg Parini
Lisa Dahl
Tyler Clary
Paul Le
Chuck Batchelor
Chad Onken
Matthew Josa
Tanja Kylliainen
Asa Keimig
Dominick Glavich
Hannah Cox and Dorsi Raynolds
Connor Green and Brooke Zeiger
Breeja Larson
Katinka Hosszu
Colorado Stars
Elizabeth Beisel
Ryan Lochte
Chad Le Clos
Tiffany Elias
Jeff Commings
Shoshanna Rutemiller
Chris Rattray
Brent Rutemiller

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