One of Thorpe’s Investments Taking a Dive

SYDNEY, Australia, July 2. ACCORDING to a story in the Sydney Herald Sun, the fortune of Ian Thorpe has taken a slight hit due to a fall in the share price of So Natural Foods, a company in which Thorpe owns a five percent stake. The health-food company and Thorpe have an agreement to use Thorpe’s name in marketing items.

Over the last month, shares in So Natural Foods have gradually declined, dropping from 50 to 34.5 per share. At one time, the company’s shares were selling at 74. The company has indicated that its second-half trading has been productive. One of the items the company markets is a low-glycemic index energy water with Thorpe’s name.

A two-time Olympian and the greatest middle-distance freestyler in history, Thorpe is taking this year away from competition, as he recharges the battery for a run at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Consequently, Thorpe will not be in Montreal next month for the World Championships and will not defend titles in the 200 and 400 freestyle events.

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