Once an Olympian, an Olympian for Life! It Sticks!

PHOENIX, Ariz., July 31. SWIMINFO recently received a note from 1952 Olympian Gail Roper that we wish to endorse and spread to as many in the media – and even casual observers of the Olympics – as we might reach.

As a Masters swimmer, Gail Roper Peters was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1997. She was a nominee for the AAU’s Sullivan Award in 1952 and 1953. And she is a U.S. Olympian, having taken on that status from the point she won the breaststroke at the 1952 U.S. Olympic Trials, even though an injury prevented her full participation in Helsinki. She’s earned the right to speak on this subject!

Please educate the media on the usage of the term "former
Olympian". Any Olympian is an Olympian for life and should be
refered to as Olympian from 1976 or 1976 Olympian or whatever year
he or she made the team. "Former Olympian" means that the person
has lost Olympian status. It's like a doctor's degree, it is a
permanent title.
Gail Roper

Gail, as a swimming announcer who has commonly used the term “former Olympian,” your SwimInfo Newsmaster hereby formally apologizes to every Olympian and will try to strike this old and bad habit in the future. You go girl,…Olympian!

–Duncan Scott

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