NPR: Ryan Lochte Is the Quintessential “Bro”

PHOENIX, Arizona, June 21. THOSE of us in the swimming community knows what makes Ryan Lochte cool, and very little of it has to do with his massive collection of medals. It's the swagger and personality that only Lochte can convey, something called the “bro factor” according to a new article published by National Public Radio.

The term “bro” was long believed to be shortened from “brother” and is used these days as a term of endearment to a good friend — with the exception of that “Don't tase me, bro!” guy. NPR picked four qualities that is embodied in the quintessential “bro”: jockishness, dudeliness, preppiness and stoner-ishness.

We're certain Lochte doesn't partake in the chemicals that would define a “stoner,” since those chemicals would show up in the many drug tests he's subjected to each year. NPR isn't insinuating that Lochte inhales, either, but rather gives off “a surfer vibe, and probably a speaking voice that simultaneously expresses both relaxation and bewilderment.”

No one is going to argue that point when it come to Lochte, especially when you watch this.

As for the jockish vibe, no one can deny that, given his accomplishments in the past nine years that includes 11 Olympic medals and a handful of world records. The “dudeliness” factor seems to relate to another popular term: bromance, in which two men can have a deep and personal (and platonic) friendship. Very few males will admit they don't wish they were in a Lochte bromance.

NPR says Lochte fits the “preppishness” factor because he “competes in a preppy sport.” Not sure what that means. Since when is chlorine-tinted hair and goggle marks considered preppy?

In any case, Lochte fits all of these qualities better than a host of celebrities, including Tim Tebow, James Franco, Channing Tatum and Ashton Kutcher and Ben Affleck, according to NPR.

The article also invites readers to “Create Their Own Bro” by listing the celebrities they think fits each of the four categories best.

Do you think Lochte is the best representative of the “bro” qualities in aquatic sports? If not, tell us who fits it best in the comment section below.

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